Images From The 2013 Venice Biennale

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Updated: 26 January 2016
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Macedonia Pavilion – Elpida Hadzi-Vasileva, Silentio Pathologia, The Republic of Macedonia 55th Venice Biennale (2013). Image courtesy the artist. Elpida Hadzi-Vasileva’s Silentio Pathologia exhibition for the Macedonia Pavilion bridges the gap between the brutal and beautiful and provides a dramatic entry to the Venice Biennale.

Thailand Pavilion – Wasinburee Supanichvoraparch, Poperomia, Bricks, Ceramic, Knitting Wool/Photo by Kornkrit Jianpinidnan. Image courtesy the artist. Thai artists Arin Rungjang and Wasinburee Supanichvoraparch explore the intersection between traditional and mainstream ideologies, producing video and interactive sculptures.

South Africa Pavilion – Cameron Platter, You, 320cm x 130cm x 110cm, 2012. Image courtesy the artist. For South Africa‘s second official appearance at the Venice Biennale, Cameron Platter brings his surreal pop art inspired sculptures.

Belgium Pavilion – Berlinde De Bruyckere, Kreupelhout – Cripplewood, Liggende II, 2011/12. Image courtesy of the artist and Hauser & Wirth. Berlinde De Bruyckere will represent the Belgian Pavilion at the 2013 Venice Biennale. Her strange alien figures are surreal evocations of death and decay.

USA Pavilion – Sarah Sze, Untitled (Portable Planetarium), 2009, Tanya Bonakdar Gallery. The United States have selected artist Sarah Sze to exhibit one of her signature machine like installations in their national pavilion for the 55th instalment of the Venice Biennale.

China Pavilion – Zhang Xiaotao, Sakya No3 Animation, 2013. Image courtesy the artist. A collective of artists will represent the National Pavilion of China at this year’s Venice Biennale, under the theme the theme of ‘Transfiguration’.

Cuba Pavilion – Maria Magdalena Campos-Pons, 53+1=54+1=55/Letter of the Year. Image courtesy the artist. Maria Magdalena Campos-Pons presents a metaphorical structure of bird cages, used by both emperors and common men to capture beauty and to dream of freedom at the Cuba Pavilion.

Angola Pavilion – Edson Chagas, & Beyond Entropy. Image courtesy the artist. Winner of the Golden Lion for best Pavilion, Angola’s entry is on behalf of artist Edson Chagas. His photographs question our perceptions of the city, and the ways in which an inundation of symbols characterises urban life.

Iraq Pavilion – Hareth Alhomaam, Buzz, 2012, video, 10.00. Image courtesy of the artist and RUYA Foundation. The Iraq Pavilion is entitled Welcome to Iraq and features the work of an astonishing eleven contemporary artists living and working inside of Iraq.

Ireland Pavilion – Richard Mosse, stills from The Enclave (2013). Image courtesy the artist. Richard Mosse will represent the Irish Pavilion with an exhibit featuring a multiple-screen film installation entitled The Enclave, along with a series of photographs and a monograph.

Mexico Pavilion – Ariel Guzik, Cordiox. Image courtesy the artist. Ariel Guzik’s four-meter instrument Cordiox sonically explores the ambiance of the historic former San Lorenzo church for the Mexico Pavilion.

Argentina Pavilion – Nicola Costantino SINFONIA INCONCLUSA, Eva, los Sueños, Video Installation (detail), 2012. Image courtesy the artist. Nicola Constantino pays tribute to one of Argentina’s most powerful female figures, Eva Perón, in Eva – Argentina. A contemporary metaphor.

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