How to Spend 3 Days in Sorrento, Italy

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24 November 2017

Sorrento sits on an idyllic cliff face in the Southwest region of Campania, overlooking the busy Bay of Naples and is a must-see city while travelling through Italy. From sampling their renowned limoncello, to visiting the time-capsule city of Pompeii, there are a litany of escapades and sites to experience in this consummate Italian town. Although you may feel overwhelmed with the amount of things to do and capture, our guide will lay out the perfect way to spend three memorable days in Sorrento.

Day 1 – Get Around Town

Morning – Rent a Bike or Scooter

If you’re spending a few days in Sorrento, it’s easy and inexpensive to rent a scooter to maneuver around the cobbled alleys, or seaside along the boardwalk pathways. Although it can be an intimidating endeavor at first, you will soon get in the groove of navigating through the city with the traffic, or going on the idyllic curving roads of the Amalfi Coast. You get full access to the experience of local life in the town; as well as the freedom to go where you like, when you like.

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Afternoon – Stretch Your Legs on a Hike

Start your next few days capturing some beautiful pictures and sites while getting some exercise by taking part in any of the alluring hikes that surround Sorrento. There are several scenic treks to enjoy while visiting this area but amongst the most enchanting and ancient of paths is the Punta della Campanella. Walk through the early pilgrimage route taking you through Benedictine vineyards, past Mount San Costanzo and enjoy epic views of the surrounding foliage, vegetation, and island as a whole. There are plenty of great hikes to start your day with that take you through a multitude of nature, while involving mythical history and beautiful vistas.

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Take a Day Trip

There is an incredible amount of places to spend the day that are only a short boat ride, or train trip away. Grab a ferry from the Marina Grande or hire a private tour boat to take you around the Isle of Capri and peek into the less popular grottos and go swimming in the shimmering clear waters. You can take an easy thirty minute train to the ancient city of Pompeii. Enjoy immaculate views of Mt. Vesuvius and admire the ruins that are constantly being unearthed and restored. There are also a plethora of vineyards to explore and wines to sample in Sorrento area. Be guided by a wine aficionado through the winding trees and taste some authentic Italian wine.

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Evening – Hit the Club

Once the sun is extinguished behind the cliff faces and stacked buildings of Sorrento, the streets are clear of traffic and tourists and instead become very tranquil. If you’re interested in enjoying some dancing and drinking, there is no shortage of exciting clubs to visit. Fauno Notte Club is one of the preferred lounges that provides bumping live music, tasty tropical drinks, as well as a chic and entertaining interior. Located beneath the heart of the city, in a downstairs area under Piazza Tasso. Most clubs don’t get into full swing until after midnight but there are enough venues around town to fill your evenings with exhilarating dancing and fun for your entire trip.

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Day 2 – Soak Up The Culture

Morning – Scope Out the Architecture

Explore the old section of Sorrento and wander through the magnificent buildings that occupy this space, such as the cloister and church of San Francesco. Be transported back in time as you walk through the narrow streets, and admire the varying mix of architectural styles. Second to their magnificent Cathedral of Sorrento, the Basilica of Sant’Antonio contains opulent relics encrusted with jewels, as well as beautiful gardens and overall is a spectacular structure.

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Afternoon – Admire the Art Scene

Sorrento has art and history repositories scattered throughout its ancient alleyways and courtyards. One of the most noted is the four-story, twenty-four room monolith of the Correale di Terranova Museum. Sectioned chronologically from room to room, it accommodates priceless 17th and 18th paintings, an incredible porcelain collection, among an extensive catalogue of items. It is regarded as one of the most beautiful museums in Italy and is meticulously cared for by the lasting members of the Correale family. If you’re feeling more local art, there’s the peculiar and interesting Terrerose Art Workshop which incorporates unique installations and contemporary works. Plus, you can enjoy a coffee and pastry while you peruse the eclectic art.

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Evening – Stroll Down the Marinas

Being a seaside town, Sorrento boasts incredible views of the glittering expanse of ocean and commuting barges and ships. Enjoy the perfumed breeze as you make your way down the cliff with ease. You can pass through the main port of the region, Marina Piccolo or continue on to its fanciful companion, Marina Grande that is not so much of a port now but an offbeat fishing village that contains delicious seafood and interesting shops. From here you can also book ferries to Naples, or Capri. Either way, this easy amble is worth the perfect views and sweet sea air. Enjoy the lovely evening and relax with the tide.

Michael & Tara Castillo / © Culture Trip | Michael & Tara Castillo / © Culture Trip

Day 3 – Sunshine Time

Morning – Soak Up Some Sun on the Beach

As the late afternoon casts its last golden bursts of sunlight over this idyllic space, enjoy the natural beaches of Sorrento. Although Marina Grande and Piccolo offer up beautiful beaches, the locals often favour the family-friendly Puolo beach, smaller and more isolated, it has sparkling clear and shallow waters perfect for wading. Another local favourite is Marina del Cantone near Nerano, sporting a wide pebble beach and an assemblage of cafés and restaurants to grab dinner or a snack and enjoy some Nerano style foods.

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Afternoon – Enjoy Some Traditional Sorrento Lunch

Stop for a lunch break and dig into the decadent cuisine known to the area. One of their must-try staples is gnocchi alla Sorrentina, the rustic traditional meal. A heap of potato pasta smothered with homemade tomato sauce, and topped with sharp Treccia cheese and basil is a perfect representation of Sorrento’s simple but robust culture. Although there are several restaurants that claim the title of best gnocchi in Sorrento, L’Antica Trattoria is highly recommended. An alcove of pleasant plants and flowers creates a frame of perfection at their outside patio and their team of local chefs create some of the most delicious gnocchi along with a considerable amount of other fresh and appetising recipes.

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Evening- Shop Away

Cool off from your day of sunning and sightseeing by indulging in some retail therapy. Sorrento has some of the most radiant and fun shops hidden away in the beautiful narrow pathways. You can find local specialties hand-crafted by caring residents, foods and wines known to the region such as the zesty limoncello, not to mention lovely clothes, scarves, and accessories to fill your evening with browsing. Some of the primary shopping streets are Lagro Padre Reginaldo Guinana, and Via Santa Maria De Grazie that offer up an endless bounty of items and souvenirs.

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