Everything You Need to Know about Italy's Gelato University

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12 November 2017

Varying in unique flavors with matching creamy colors and texture, gelato not only has rich depth, but also an incredibly detailed history. It’s an art that Italians take very seriously, and practitioners can even get a degree in it. Find out what course of study churns out the masters of this delightful indulgence at Gelato University.

The college headquarters and original campus is just outside Bologna, Italy, in the quaint commune of Anzola Emilia. There are also campuses all over the globe, which allows them contribute to ice cream parlors worldwide. Once enrolled, students can partake in a four-week course to become a maestro of everything gelato. Classes are eight hours a day, five days a week, and provide all the knowledge needed to create the age-old masterpiece. Students learn every detail of the process, as well as the key differences between gelato, ice cream, and granita.

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The course covers everything, from the exact temperatures that procure that fluffy-yet-velvety texture, the importance of the ingredients that go into each flavor, and the toppings that pair with them. Students also explore the nitty-gritty of gelato theories, such as water-based verses milk-based gelato and what types of sugar, fruit, or nut purees contribute to this consistency or that taste.

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The college offers a tiered system of classes, if you aspire to further your ice-cream expertise. Learn the main compounds of creating the artisan dessert in their base courses, or explore the balance techniques and concoct your own recipes in the intermediate courses. Advanced courses teach production craftsmanship for new and different recipes.

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The university does everything to take care of the students’ needs while enrolled. They provide services for housing, offer shuttles for daily transport to classes, and distribute the appropriate utensils and uniforms needed. Facilities include a state-of-the-art cooking lab with the latest appliances and gadgetry, as well as traditional classrooms. The professors are highly trained wizards of gelato, confections, and pastries, as well as business and marketing experts who help guide on everything from knowledge to practical use. They are regularly trained and kept up-to-date on shifts in trends, proficiency, and products.

Gelato University | © CCFoodTravel.com/Flickr

The programs envelop every step of becoming a gelato guru, from the groundwork of kitchen hygiene, choosing your methods and ingredients, mastering varying equipment and tools, and even how to successfully start and manage your own gelateria.

Gelato University Graduation | © Gelato World Tour/Flickr

Gelato has been a delicacy associated with the tropical coasts of Sicily, the vibrant Roman alleyways, and the sunbathed Tuscan countryside for generations. Visitors will find the refreshing treat on almost every street corner in Italy. So, whether you’re simply an ice-cream fanatic, or you’re a skilled chef interested in broadening your dessert knowledge, Gelato University truly has something for everyone. This dedicated organization illustrates the profound care and diligence that goes into crafting this unparalleled Italian treat.

Gelato | © Capri23auto/Pixabay

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