Essential Restaurants You Can't Miss In Pigneto, Rome

Amatriciana at Primo al Pigneto | © courtesy of the venue
Amatriciana at Primo al Pigneto | © courtesy of the venue
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9 February 2017

Rome’s Pigneto neighborhood is a favorite of locals for its street art, lively nightlife and restaurants serving all types of cuisine. From classic Roman trattorias and ethnic restaurants to take-away spots and vegetarian havens, we list the tastiest spots to try while you’re here.

Pigneto Quarantuno

Pigneto Quarantuno, named for its number guarantees a good meal at a great price. It excels at Roman dishes while adding a subtle twist to the classics: Roman artichokes are stuffed with cod and potatoes and tagliolini noodles are served with turnip greens, anchovies and breadcrumbs. Hearty and satisfying without being heavy, Pigneto Quarantuno hits all of the right nails on the head and is a great go to for any occasion.

Pigneto Quarantuno, Via del Pigneto 41, Rome, Italy +39 06 7039 9483

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Primo Al Pigneto

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Another Roman eatery along the same street, Primo al Pigneto is an elegant, industrial restaurant that kicks it up a notch with modern adaptations of Italian dishes. Here you can taste creative concoctions such as spelt linguine with violet prawns and pistachio or grilled tuna with feta, tomatoes, almonds and mint. If you have trouble deciding what to order, you can opt for the tasting menu to sample the chef’s specialties.


Pigneto residents rave about this tiny pizza-panino joint because of its heavenly white pizza sandwiches. Opulentia takes simple ingredients seriously and its pizza dough is left to rise for up to 72 hours, ensuring the final product is light, crispy and highly digestible. These pizza pockets are then stuffed with delicious ingredients.

Opulentia, Via Ascoli Piceno 44, Rome, Italy + 39 339 725 0418

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Almost directly in front of Opulentia you’ll find no-frills Greek joint Kalapà which serves up scrumptious stuffed potatoes. For under €6 you can eat your fill of potatoes loaded with Mediterranean ingredients, including the Koriatiki. Kalapà also has a variety of gyros and souvlaki if you’re after other foods.

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With its large Ethiopian and Eritrean population, it should come as no surprise that Rome has fantastic east African restaurants, many of them located in Pigneto. Family run Mesob is one of the best and has a delightful atmosphere to boot. Make sure you order the sambusas to start, these stuffed pastries are the best way to whet your appetite for the deliciousness that will ensue.
Mesob, Via Prenestina 118, Rome, Italy +39338 251 1621

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Many of the city’s ethnic restaurants are actually cultural associations, which is the case for Waraku. Although sushi is one of the more proliferous non-Italian food items to be found in the city, Waraku is special because it focuses on other Japanese specialties: ramen, rice curries and dumplings.
Waraku, Via Guglielmo Albimonte 12-12/a, Rome, Italy +39329 724 8911

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Vitaminas 24

Vegetarians and vegans will be happy to know that Pigneto is an effusively veggie-friendly neighborhood. Almost all restaurants have vegetarian options and there are multiple places that serve exclusively fruits, vegetables and grains. Vitaminas 24 is a colorful vegetarian spot with Brazilian flavors and a slew of juices incorporating tropical ingredients such as mango, papaya and maracuja. From veggie burgers to savory tarts, the menu is ample and sure to appeal to omnivores as well.

Vitaminas 24, Via Ascoli Piceno 40, Rome, Italy +39 331 204 5535

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