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Best Menswear Stores in Florence, Italy

Picture of Nikki Crowell
Updated: 27 January 2017
It’s no secret that Italians are some of the best dressed people in the world. Aside from Milan, known as the fashion capital of the world, Florence is also a major city in the Italian fashion industry, where many famous brands are based. When you think of designers such as Gucci, Prada, Salvatore Ferragamo and Dolce and Gabbana, women’s fashion is the first thing that probably comes to mind, but men’s fashion is just as important, especially in Italy. So if you’re looking for something particular to show off your own personal style, you might just find it in Florence. Here are some of the most popular menswear stores where Italian men of all ages do their style hunting.
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Sleeves, Robert Couse-Baker, Flikr

The quality and style of this brand is what sets it apart from other menswear stores around Florence. With sophisticated decor, decent prices and something for any fashionable man, Gutteridge is a local favorite. Within the past year, two more stores have opened in Florence alone, and you can see why. Best described as a modern spin on classic style, the theme of the store is reminiscent of British/American 1960s dapper style, with a colourful, trendy modern twist. From hats, accessories, shirts, suits, and shoes to cashmere sweaters, shirts and well-made sports jackets and blazers, the style is timeless but modern.

Gutteridge, Florence, Italy

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Massimo Dutti

Massimo Dutti Erwin Soo Flikr

Don’t let the storefront fool you, you can afford to shop here. With high quality clothing at an affordable cost, it seems as if you’re walking into a Prada store until you check the price tag. Elegant, mature and timeless is what best describes Massimo Dutti‘s look. You’ll never go out of style with some of these staples in your wardrobe.

Massimo Dutti, Florence, Italy

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Desii Peter Su Flikr

Desii is more about young male fashion in Florence with a cool, laid back, yet put-together look. They have everything from shoes, to pea coats, but they are quite expensive. Check the window before going inside, as their display cases give you an idea of what to expect. The store also has a much more affordable outlet location with the possibility to snag something unique at a great price (Desii Lab), and a vintage version for the guys looking for something with a more classic edge (Desii Vintage).

Desii Umberto, Florence, Italy

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Shoes, Robert Sheie, Flikr

A local favorite, this store carries only real, quality Italian leather shoes in all styles and colours. From dressy to casual, boots and loafers, you will surely find something that fits your style. They also carry the same quality women’s shoes in classic styles. If you only buy yourself one fashionable souvenir in Florence, let it be Italian leather shoes at an affordable price at Otisopes.

Otisopes, Florence, Italy

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This highly trendy menswear store is on the upper price range for young men’s fashion. With the newest styles on the shelves immediately, this is the place to go when searching for that unique outfit you saw in that one magazine before anyone else caught on. They’ll definitely have that new asymmetrical hoodie, or funky shoes you’ve had your eye on.

Quintessence, Florence, Italy

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Runway Hat PhotOZgraphy Flikr

Expensive casual, this store has everything from accessories, to unique leather boots and jackets. A mix of rock musician meets modern hipster-vintage, this store has tons of unique staples for the super fashionable guys who like metal accessories and leather. The price point is higher than you would think, which makes this place exclusive and just that much cooler.

Trench, Florence, Italy

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Carte D’identitè

Similar to Quintessence mentioned above, they have all the latest trends, but at a more affordable cost. Selling their own brand of clothing, you can still find that shirt you were looking for, but without hurting your wallet.

Carte D’identitè, Florence, Italy

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casual N Flikr

So Zara isn’t exactly a high fashion brand, but it deserves a shout out for having the latest styles that anyone can afford. Italians love their clothes, so places like Zara are where they go when they need something to add some sizzle to their wardrobe for the new season on the cheap. The Zara in the center of Florence has a great selection for men on the 3rd floor with a little bit of all styles. Don’t put up a fight when your girlfriend drags you there next time, just get your own shopping in while she’s busy deciding between getting that top in magenta or fuchsia.

Zara, Florence, Italy