A Walk Around Venice, Italy in 17 Perfect Instagrams

Venice | charlie_charm/Flickr
Venice | charlie_charm/Flickr
Photo of Ione Wang
22 June 2017

Venice is probably the most photogenic city in the world. With those tiny, winding streets that open up onto gorgeous canals and 15th-century palaces, the place is a real fountain of inspiration for all kinds of artists and aesthetic decadents. We’ve curated a few photos that showcase Venice’s remarkable beauty. So lace up your walking shoes and scroll on to discover this floating archipelago of a city.

Venice is remarkably lovely in the morning when it’s quiet and empty, and you have the streets all to yourself.

Venessia in cartolina

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Google Maps is no match for a place built like a labyrinth. Venice has a winding, illogical street plan and plenty of dead ends. Luckily, it’s got plenty of these signs to help point you in the right way, although getting lost is part of the fun.

The city is most beautiful away from the centers of Rialto and San Marco, where few visitors will venture.

Cafes and bars are a big part of community life–they’re the places you go to meet friends, to have breakfast, or for a quick pick-me-up in the middle of the day.

You’ll discover plenty of little churches and centuries-old architecture as you wander the city. Here’s the view from a little monastery building towards the north of Venice.

On Rio San Trovaso, you’ll find one of the few remaining workshops where gondolas and other traditional Venetian boats are constructed and repaired.

Most of the city’s greenery grows on private property, but some of these gardens are so breathtakingly beautiful that they’ve even inspired a photography book and a walking tour.

Since the city is quite safe, you’ll often find Venetian children playing in the local squares all year round. It’s one of the perks of living in a place where there are absolutely no cars.

In the evenings, people will gather at the bars for a drink and some cicchetti, which are the local version of tapas.

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At the bar and restaurant Al Timon, people will come to eat and drink on the side of the canal or in the restaurant’s boat moored out front.

No table? No problem.

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The panoramic view from the tower of St. Mark’s square is breathtaking, looking out over the city and its surrounding lagoon.

The campi, or squares, are important public spaces in city where all the canals, alleys, and houses are crammed together.

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You’ll see a totally different side of Venice by boat, because all the houses and palaces were built with the canal-facing side as their main entrance, and the street-facing side as their backdoor. The most luxuriously decorated facades are only visible from the water.

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Sunset in Venice is particularly beautiful, as every color in the sky gets reflected in the water of the canals.

Here are two Venetian specialties in one shot: the Spritz, a refreshing drink made with prosecco, club soda, and liqueur, and a glorious heap of seafood.

Seafood and Spritz ~ a perfect pairing! #venice#camposantamargherita#eveningsun

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Venetians love their dogs, and they’ll take them everywhere they go. You’ll see dogs on the waterbus, hanging out in bars, and even relaxing on gondolas.

When the city floods, it can be a bit of an inconvenience, but it also makes for some stunningly beautiful sights.

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