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The Best Bars in Città Alta, Bergamo
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The Best Bars in Città Alta, Bergamo

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Updated: 9 February 2017
Perched high on a hilltop, surrounded by Venetian defensive walls that date back to the 16th century, Città Alta is a lovely medieval town that constitutes the historic center of Bergamo. Also a hub for active nightlife, the bars in this part of town are a bit more expensive than Città Bassa due to the area’s beauty and historical interest to tourists, but this is happily balanced out by the delights of aperitivo, the Italian happy hour. Discover the best bars in Città Alta, Bergamo.
Città Alta, Bergamo
Città Alta, Bergamo | Ⓒ David Spender/Flickr
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Arri’s Bar

As it often happens in Italy, this bar offers not only drinks and aperitivi, but also good coffee and delicious freshly made pastry. Arri’s Bar does all this with an elegant touch. The pasticciere will personally serve you the best croissants, while their happy hour is enriched with gourmet food and tapas and, of course, a wide selection of cocktails. During summertime, extra tables are added so you can enjoy your drink al fresco. This is a café bar that closes at night, so come here for a lazy afternoon, sipping coffee and cocktails in the sun.

Arri’s Bar, via Daniele Piccinini 10, Bergamo, +39 035 237026

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Caffè Della Funicolare

This bar takes its name from the funicular railway of Città Alta, Bergamo. The al fresco seating and the amazing hillside view (sprawling all the way to Città Bassa downtown) make Caffè Della Funicolare the perfect setting for a relaxing summer. The décor of the bar evokes a 1920s train station, enhanced by creative touches of Art Deco design. The friendly staff will help you choose from the best red wine produced in the region, best enjoyed with the classic Italian aperitivo. If you’re looking for a romantic spot to spend your evening after a tour in the Città Alta, then this is the bar for you. The prices here are a bit higher, but it’s well worth it for the view alone, which some regard as one of the finest vistas in Italy.

Caffè Della Funicolare, via Porta Dipinta 1, Bergamo, +39 035 210091

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Bar Flora

Boasting one of the best locations in town, Bar Flora is situated at one of the corners of Piazza Vecchia, the most visited historic area of Bergamo’s Città Alta. Still considered the ‘lounge’ of the city to this day. Flora’s menu offers traditional Italian drinks, such as grappa and limoncello, as well as beers and more creative cocktails to enjoy during their happy hour. A key figure in Città Alta’s nightlife, Bar Flora can be relied on for good music and fun activities, and they keep their prices reasonable despite their touristy central location.

Bar Flora, Piazza Vecchia 13, Bergamo, +39 035 218228

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Cà del Fasà

Also situated in Piazza Vecchia, Ca del Fasa is smaller than Bar Flora with fewer tables available, but still a popular choice for happy hour and after-dinner drinks among locals and small groups of travelers. Beer fans will find a nice selection of Italian craft brews here, as well as international options like American IPAs. They also serves food and prices are reasonable. If you’re lucky, you may also be able to catch one of their occasional live music nights.

Cà del Fasà, via Bartolomeo Colleoni 3, Bergamo, +39 035 239829

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La Birreria di Città Alta

As the name suggests, La Birreria houses a great selection of craft beers from local and international breweries in an informal and friendly atmosphere. Beer geeks will jump at the chance to try drafts from Bergamo-area brewers like Eval, and to sample the beers produced on site by the bar’s own brewery. (If you’re the companion indulging the beer geek, don’t worry, they also serve wine.) In addition to these house brews, you’ll find a lunch and dinner menu of home style dishes typical of the region, like rabbit and polenta. Other perks of La Birreria include its great location, its relatively low price for its surroundings, and a big TV at the bar in case you want to follow the day’s game.

La Birreria di Città Alta, via Gombito 1, Bergamo, +39 035 243661

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Cocolele Beach Bar

Located near the fortress walls of Città Alta, next to Porta San Giacomo, this seasonal pop-up Beach Bar is the hot spot for summer concerts in Bergamo. They’re only open from June – September and their program changes up daily. In addition to a full supply of beer, wine and cocktails, they also serve tasty food for hungry concert goers. Try their fish burgers, either at the bar or for takeaway. If you’re planning to have dinner there, reserve your table early as they’re quite popular and don’t leave without checking out their amazing view.

Cocolele Beach Bar, via Palma il Vecchio 18/a, Bergamo, +39 035 255238

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The Tucans

According to locals, The Tucans is one of the best Irish pubs in Bergamo. Conveniently located near the Funicular, they serve crisp pints and a nice selection of wine with genuine warmth and friendliness. The owner is an Italian lover of all things Irish, whose passion manages to infuse sufficient Irish vibes in the atmosphere here (despite the whole staff being Italian). If you want to eat something with your drink, The Tucans serves tasty helpings of fish n’ chips along with a handful of regional dishes. They keep their music on all day long to add to the friendly ambience, sometimes playing alongside a big screen TV during football and rugby games.

The Tucans, via Donizetti 23/a, Bergamo, Italy, +39 329 6059214

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Mamo’s American Gay Bar

This small bar is usually packed to the rafters due to their welcoming atmosphere, and their cocktails and delicious snacks don’t hurt either. The prices are very affordable, especially considering that Città Alta is normally more expensive than the rest of Bergamo. The fun-loving owner organizes a different party every night, from karaoke to singles mixers to special theme nights (like tarot readings). This is a great place for a fun night out with friends, but if you want to snag a table, make sure you reserve it first.

Mamo’s American Gay Bar, via Baschenis 13/a, Bergamo, +39 035 270014