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12 Italian Instagrammers You Should Follow Right Now
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12 Italian Instagrammers You Should Follow Right Now

Picture of Julie Daunt
Updated: 27 September 2016
With its captivating architecture, delicious food and spectacular landscapes, it is no surprise that Italy is one of the most featured countries on Instagram. We check out the top ten Italian Instagrammers who reveal a unique side to Italian life.

Gianpiero Riva | @giariv

A journalist and an electronic entrepreneur, Gianpiero is the co-founder of JewelGram, along with Michele Marzotto. Residing in Venice, Gianpiero started capturing his day to day life on his iPhone. Just a few years later, his iphotographs have led him to a published book on smartphone photography and a successful business, JewelGram, which lets users turn their Instagram pictures into jewellery. Gianpiero’s Instagram is a mixture of photographs, from breath-taking landscapes to poignant portraits.

Rachel Roddy | @rachelaliceroddy

Originally from London, Rachel has lived in Rome for the last 10 years, in the district of Testaccio. A writer, Rachel’s Instagram is filled with snapshots of delectable food, which will make any viewer hungry. Rustic and home cooked recipes of local food and flavours are beautifully captured by Rachel. She has written for a number of publications, such as The Guardian, and her first book Five Quarters: Recipes and Notes from a Kitchen in Rome will hit the shelves later this year.

Daily – sesame seed encrusted – bread.

A photo posted by rachel (@rachelaliceroddy) on

Darius Arya | @saverome

An archaeologist, professor and documentary maker, Darius Arya lives in Rome and dedicates his Instagram to revealing the wealth of history the city has to offer. Both his work and his photographs uncover aspects of Rome’s culture not seen by everyday tourists, bringing aspects of the past into the present. He has made appearances on documentaries shown on Discovery and the National Geographic channels, and has also lectured around the world.

Elizabeth Minchilli | @eminchilli

Elizabeth has immersed herself in Italian culture for the past 20 years, and regular writes about Italy’s food, architecture and interesting people on her blog. She has penned six books and produced three apps, each focusing on the culinary culture of Italian cities, such as Rome, Florence and Venice. She also organises culinary tours and food experiences in Italy. Her Instagram showcases the best in Italian cuisine, design and everyday life.

Nicolee Drake | @cucinadigitale

A native of California, Nicolee has called Rome her home since 2009. She likes to tell a story, and her Instagram does just that, with her photographs providing an insight into Rome’s quaint architectural history. Her pictures are mainly snapshots of the city’s urban landscape, each revealing the charming qualities of the Italian capital. Her photographic style captures the true beauty of the city, with her pictures standing as artworks in their own right.

Perfectly perched. #cinqueterre A photo posted by Nicolee Drake (@cucinadigitale) on

Kelly Medford | @kellymedfordart

Moving to Italy in 2005, Kelly fell in love with the creative culture of Florence and Rome. Her Instagram reveals her ongoing en plein air project to paint the streets and lives of these cities, and many others in Italy. Her photographs feature her easel and completed canvas with the city’s streets and landscapes as their backdrops. Her paintings and photographs of them are also accompanied with stories recalling both personal and ancient histories of the places they depict. She is also a member of Rome’s Urban Sketchers group, and founded Sketching Rome Tours in 2012 to share her passion with others.

Tiana Kai | @tianapix

A travel blogger, Tiana has been capturing her daily life in Florence for the past few years. In early 2013, she began taking photographs of the various nonni, meaning grandparents in Italian, of this city. This became an Instagram project in its own right, which she now maintains on @notmynonni. Her own personal Instagram reveals her wanderlust and travelling lifestyle in one of Italy’s most beautiful cities. Although she is currently spending a winter in Jackson Hole, she is still blogging about the intriguing wonders of Florence.

Veronica Ferraro | @veronicaferraro

The Milan fashionista and founder of The Fashion Fruit, Veronica is one of the leading fashion Instagrammers in Italy. Her Instagram is a mixture of her own personal style as well as the newest trends and iconic inspirations. She has worked with some of the biggest names in fashion, such as Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Dior. When she’s not showcasing the very best in fashion, Veronica also portrays other aspects of the Milanese lifestyle, such as its flavourful food and beautiful surroundings.

L’ Arte sa Nuotare | @lartesanuotare

The owner of L’Arte sa Nuotare is a mystery, but the Instagram records their street artworks which pop up frequently around the city of Florence. Meaning “art knows how to swim”, L’ Arte sa Nuotare recreates famous and iconic artworks, dressing them in scuba attire and swim wear. The Mona Lisa and The Birth of Venus have all been given an underwater makeover. The street artist’s style is quirky and refreshing, and their Instagram shines a different light on the street art scene in Florence.

Alexandra Korey | @arttrav

Run by Canadian Art Historian Alexandra Korey, ArtTrav aims to make art history accessible to everyone. Alexandra came to Italy in 1999 to study, but stayed for love. Started as a blog in 2004, Alexandra now shares her love of the arts on her Instagram too, which is her preferred social media site. Her posts focus on everything Italian cities’ have to offer, from their food to their views, and of course their art. Her Instagram largely shares snapshots of Florence and her weekends in Maremma, from beautiful interiors to the city’s cloudless skies. A must follow for anyone interested in Italian art.

Emiko Davies | @emikodavies

A food writer and enthusiast, Emiko shares her love of cooking on her Instagram profile. When she is not writing her weekly food column for food blog Food52, she posts photographs of the very best regional Italian food she can find. Her photographs have been critically acclaimed, with Emiko a finalist for the 2013 Shoot the Chef photography competition and Eat Drink Blog’s 2013 photography competition. With a portfolio of Tuscan gastronomic delights, Emiko’s Instagram will tempt every food lover.

Olimpia Zagnoli | @olimpiazagnoli

The Instagram of quirky designer Olimpia Zagnoli, or OZ as she goes by, is definitely one to follow for those interested in graphic design. Living in Milan, OZ shares her innovative designs of bold colours, silhouetted figures and curious compositions with her followers. Although simple in execution, her designs are eye-catching and striking. She has worked for a number of leading publications, including The New York Times, TIME, Rolling Stone and Vanity Fair.