10 Places to Buy Unique Souvenirs in Verona

Salumi make for great souvenirs | wordridden/Flickr
Salumi make for great souvenirs | wordridden/Flickr
For those who aren’t content with silly trinkets from fast-talking vendors in the Piazza delle Erbe, we’ve compiled a list of 10 unique souvenirs you can get in Verona. Some come from fantastic artisans, some from wonderfully creative places that are worth a visit just for the fun of browsing; all are distinctly Veronese, so you’ll have a perfect little reminder of where you’ve been.

A good bottle of wine from Antica Bottega del Vino

Pronti!! Amarone families con Bottega Vini. 25 Settembre, Roma, Palazzo Altieri.

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The region around Verona is famed for its incredible vineyards, and the Veneto is Italy’s foremost region for wine production. That makes a good bottle of vino the perfect souvenir from a visit to the city. This legendary place is a must-visit for wine lovers. It boasts three centuries of history, going back to the era of Venetian rule in Verona, and it’s currently owned by the Amarone family. Eat and drink away the evening at the bar, and then choose a great bottle of local wine so you can re-stage it all at home.

Antica Bottega del Vino, Via Scudo di Francia, 3, 37121 Verona VR, Italy, +39 045 80 4535

Handmade stationery from Il Gelso

Close to the locale known as Juliet’s house, you’ll find a magical little shop full of warm, welcoming vibes. Il Gelso is a bookstore jam-packed with good books, handmade stationery and other delightful curios. It’s sure to charm serious readers at first sight and inspire budding writers and artists alike.

Il Gelso, Via Giovanni Zambelli, 4b, 37121 Verona, Italy, +39 045 591285

Hidden treasures from the San Zeno Flea Market

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André Breton says that flea markets bring him to “an almost forbidden world of sudden parallels, petrifying coincidences, and reflexes.” That Surrealist poet would have found himself in heaven at the big antiques market that covers Piazza San Zeno every Sunday. You’ll get to pick through truly everything, from old furniture to books, jewelry, clothing and more.

Local delicacies from Antica Salumeria G. Albertini

Even for Italy, this little salumeria has got a crazy amount of old-world charm. Located two skips away from the Piazza dei Signori, this is a great place for picking up a sandwich for lunch, made to order on the spot with their salumi and cheeses. It’s also the perfect place in the city for food lovers to pick up a little something to remember the city by — that is, if you can keep yourself from devouring it on the spot.

A book from Libre!

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This alternative bookshop and co-op called Libre! is located in the grungy student quarters of Veronetta. There’s a well-curated selection of all kinds of books, favoring small and independent presses. What a perfect place to pick up some good reading (that you’d be hard-pressed to track down anywhere else) and brush up on some Italian!

Libre!, Via Scrimiari 51, Verona, Italy

Clothing from Sottosopra33

This boutique in Veronetta feels almost like the living room of your elegant aunt, slightly intimate and fiercely stylish. You’ll find everything from the 1940s right on through to the 1980s, as well as remade and up-cycled items. Everything is curated to a tee, so it won’t be hard to pick out your new favorite piece.

Sottosopra33, Via Scrimiari, 3, 37129 Verona VR, Italy, +39 045 803 6206

Avanguardia Verona

This incredible workshop is located outside of the city center, in Borgo Roma, but those who get it will find it absolutely worth the trek. They make and sell beautiful, one-of-a-kind wooden home furnishings from used pieces of wood, making for some truly innovative designs. They’re also involved in social work as well, teaching and employing those who have fallen on hard times to work with traditional carpentry skills.

Avanguardia Verona, Via Centro, 27, 37135 Verona, Italy, +39 342 162 6100

Perfume from Acqua del Garda

This Veronese perfume-maker is named for the Garda lake just a hop away from the city, and their shop in the center of town is a delight. The brand is deeply rooted in the natural beauty of the region, and each of the perfumes bottle a little piece of the Veronese countryside, whether it’s olive groves or the grapevines of the wine country.

Confetteria Bomboniere Filarmonica

Travestiti da sassi, i confetti di cioccolato osservano i passanti di via Roma…

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Just getting a look at the window display stuffed full of so many types of fantastic chocolates, candies and biscuits, you’ll start to feel like a child again. This is a great place to pick up some sweets that were truly made in Verona to bring home as a gift or just to indulge your inner 5 year old.

Tacky trinkets from Juliet’s House

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After all that shopping for the genuine and authentic, you might just want something silly, kitschy and funny — something that screams “romance” in a completely unsubtle way. In that case, you might want to head on over to the gift shop of the museum inside Juliet’s house. You’ll see the apotheosis of all things pink, red, heart-shaped or all of the above.