10 Italian Fashion Bloggers to Follow Now

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30 June 2017

Fashion blogging has really exploded in recent years, and the fashion nation of Italy is no exception. The gorgeous and business-minded mavens of the online universe can set trends with just some savvy Instagraming. These professional bloggers face the difficult feat of crafting a personable brand that’s as relatable as it is glamorous, and as authentic as it is polished. Here, we list some taste-makers who offer up their version of the Italian dream life to all of us who are in need of a little fantasy.

Eleonora Carisi

Ineffably cool and avant-garde glamorous, the girl of the devastatingly charming upper lip mole from Turin launched her own fashion line back in 2006 as a young post-grad, and created her blog Jou Jou Villeroy in 2010. She’s collaborated with many prestigious brands and serves as a guest editor for a few fashion publications.

My face when I ask for a gelato, but nobody cares about me 🍦😞

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Chiara Biasi

Always smiling, sun-kissed and bikini-clad, Chiara Biasi is the face of a lifestyle brand that’s centered on swimsuits. She’s created a line called Poisson d’Amour, worn by the likes of Rihanna and Bella Hadid. She’s also, in the age-old tradition of models, engaged in a sweet romance with a hunky footballer.

ladies don't start fights. …but they can finish them. 😏🐈 #mamacitaporfavor 🦀🇮🇹🦀

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Gilda Ambrosio

An interesting mix of stylist, blogger, fashion designer, and it-girl, Ambrosio comes from Naples and lives in Milan. With her long, dark center part, and her sometimes slouchy, always sleek looks, she’s become a street-style icon. She has a clothing line with her friend Giorgia Tordini and 179, 000 followers on Instagram.

#gabriellechanel @chanelofficial ⭐️ @eleonoraph

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Chiara Ferragni

This Los Angeles-based Italian blogger not only has the look of an ultra-chic Barbie doll, she’s become a literal Barbie doll in a deal with Mattel. She also happens to be the centre of an extremely successful business empire. Thanks to her blog, The Blonde Salad, Ferragni has a huge fanbase, with over 6.5 million followers on Instagram, a shoe line, and some extremely lucrative brand partnerships. She’s been on the cover of Vogue twice, and has been nominated the most influential fashion blogger in the world by Fashionista.


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Erika Boldrin

Bohemian style taken to its most sophisticated conclusion, Erika Boldrin is the founder of the blog My Free Choice. Her blog shows her travelling through picturesque places all over the world, always well-dressed and perfectly coiffed in elegantly faded photographs.

Nicoletta Reggio

Nicoletta works as a stylist and creative director, and her site Scent of Obsession focuses on her personal style, design inspiration, photography and travel experiences. Dressed sleekly in simple and relaxed ensembles, Nicoletta Reggio makes her blog and Instagram a real visual treat.

Wake up in this paradise @absolutmykonos #Absolutmykonos #Mykonos

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Mariano di Vaio

A blogger, fashion designer, and sometimes actor, Mariano of MDV Style has found international success through the blogosphere. He looks like the dark and sultry version of a perfectly coiffed Disney prince, and on top of all that he’s the a recent father of an adorable child.

🚿 ❤️

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Veronica Ferraro

The founder of The Fashion Fruit, Veronica Ferraro began her journey posting photos of her looks to communities on Flickr. Now, her blog is one of the most popular in Italy, and she gives us an inside look into the glamorous world of fashion and beauty. Her style is super well-groomed and on-trend.


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Chiara Nasti

A super young sexpot with a bunch of prestigious collaborations already under her belt, Chiara Nasti runs a wildly successful blog that reaches 1.2 million followers. She’s an unapologetic selfie-lover, and author of the book Diary of a Fashion Blogger. Not bad at just 19-years-old.

Su www.plumeetheree.com trovate tutta la collezione @plumeetheree al 30%! ❤️🐙 #Miami #plumeetheree

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Valentina Coco

This optimistic and driven lady divides her time between her personal blog, Zagufashion, and her work as Marketing Manager and Digital PR. She writes about style, beauty, and travel in a uniquely energetic and motivational style.

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