Top 10 Things You’ll Miss About Ireland When You Leave

Wicklow Way Hiking Trail | © Joe King / WikiCommons
Wicklow Way Hiking Trail | © Joe King / WikiCommons
Photo of Mary Sheehan
27 October 2017

Ireland is known for its charm and after spending any amount of time there, it’s hard not to feel nostalgic after leaving. Ireland is easy to fall in love with, complete with stunning views and urban excitement, as well as small-town charm throughout the country. Here are the top 10 things you’ll miss after leaving Ireland.

The People

Irish people are notorious for being exceptionally friendly. Whether it’s getting lost in a new city, or just needing a friendly smile on a typically rainy day, the Irish can be counted on to lift spirits. Even the local barman is likely to be happy to start a conversation with you over a pint.

Barack Obama in an Irish Pub on Saint Patrick’s Day | © Pete Souza / WikiCommons

The Natural Beauty

Between the Wicklow Mountains and the Cliffs of Moher, Ireland is abundant with breathtaking landscapes. Even in the bustling capital city of Dublin, there are plenty of natural green spaces such as Phoenix Park, or even the pleasant River Liffey, dividing the city into North and South Dublin. Not far outside of the city of Dublin lies Dun Loaghaire, a pleasant coastal town overlooking the ocean.

Wicklow Mountains | © Mary Sheehan

Easy Travels

The entire island of Ireland has wonderfully efficient transportation, making everywhere in Ireland easily accessible. Between Irish Rail, Bus Eireann, and more, the whole country is virtually at your fingertips. Getting from one end of the country to the other only takes about four hours, so most attractions and cities are only a day trip away.

A 29000 Class South-Eastern Commuter train approaching Bray | © Terence Wiki / WikiCommons


There is ample opportunity for shopaholics everywhere. In Dublin, Grafton Street is home to the finest shops in the city. Other cities in Ireland have their own unique charm, such as the Waterford Crystal in the city of Waterford. Henry Street in North Dublin has some quality and inexpensive clothing boutiques and the ILAC shopping center is perfect for anyone on a budget.

Grafton Street, Dublin, Ireland | © Donaldytong / WikiCommons

The Food

A trip to Ireland is not complete without delicious food, especially a full Irish breakfast. Between fish and chips, Irish burgers, or even a morning scone, there is no shortage of tasty options in any city in Ireland, each with their own unique twist.

The Cozy Cafés

Ireland’s cities have amazing cafés and coffee shops to settle into on a rainy day. Oolong of Dublin serves an abundance of all types of teas and luxury coffees, as well as healthy smoothies. Cupan Tae of Galway has delightful tea rooms with a pleasant atmosphere. The Creamy Galway Tea is a popular favorite, with loose teas available to purchase and take home.

Pot of Tea at Oolong | © Mary Sheehan

The Exposure To The Irish Language

Within the last few decades, Ireland has made a serious effort to revitalize and bring back the Irish language. Road signs, shop names and even signs in museums come with Irish translations. Gaeltacht areas, such as the Aran islands, and other cities in the West of Ireland speak Irish entirely and fluently.

Official Gaeltacht Regions in Ireland | © Angr / WikiCommons

The Drinks

While ultimately famous for Guinness, Ireland also has an impressive selection of other native beverages. Jameson Whiskey is made in Cork, Ireland, with native roots in Dublin. Bulmers Cider, as well as Orchard Thieves, are a refreshing alternative to beer or spirits. For a non-alcoholic beverage, the Irish breakfast tea is a perfect accompaniment to any meal at any time of day.


Cities all over Ireland are home to a variety of impressive museums and exhibitions. Cork, Ireland is home to the working Jameson Distillery, while Waterford hosts the exciting and detailed Medieval museum in the city centre, as well as the Waterford Crystal factory. Dublin is home to Dublinia, perhaps the most exciting and informative museum holding Viking artefacts and historical information about the city.

Dublinia | © DXR / WikiCommons

Abundance Of Activities

Ireland is home to a wide assortment of activities for people of all ages. Whether you’re looking for fitness, hiking, or socializing with friends, Ireland provides ample opportunities to do so. For book lovers, every city hosts impressive libraries and bookstores, while fitness fanatics can find activities such as kayaking in Bray or walking along the shores of Howth.

Wicklow Way Hiking Trail | © Joe King / WikiCommons

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