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The Irish Dish You Have to Try When Visiting Dublin

Picture of Andrew Webb
Food & Drink Editor
Updated: 31 March 2017
The Hairy Lemon in Dublin is reputedly named after a local dog catcher whose lemon-shaped head was as hairy as a gooseberry. This iconic Dublin restaurant serves some great pub food, including their legendary take on an Irish coddle.

A traditional Irish coddle is a type of slow-cooked stew made with off cuts and trimmings of meat, onions and plenty of that handy Irish staple – potatoes. In the past, this large stew would have had to feed the whole family, so it had to be hearty, filling and tasty, with enough to go round.

At the Hairy Lemon they’ve refined it a little bit, replacing the meat trimmings with chunks of plump pork sausages, and rashers of smoky bacon. On the side is a dish of fluffy mashed potatoes, as well as a slice of their homemade brown bread.