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Killarney | © Pixabay
Killarney | © Pixabay
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The Best Independent Fashion Boutiques in County Kerry, Ireland

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Updated: 8 October 2017
While Ireland‘s fashion scene is heavily centred on the capital, there are plenty of reasons to go shopping in Kerry. The first is price: things are unquestionably cheaper in the slower-paced, more relaxed streets of ‘the sticks’. There’s also a different kind of variety, with carefully curated boutiques that include local designers and major international brands. If you happen to be here in March, keep an eye out for Kerry Fashion Week. If not, here are our favourite fashion boutiques in Kerry spots to blow your hard-earned Euros and get a taste of the local trends…
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Effigy Boutique, Tralee

Effigy Boutique is a label-heavy spot for women tucked just off Tralee’s main street. This charming little stop off is a fast-changing store that’s been established for twenty years. Brands on offer include French Connection, Soma London, Oui, Miss Baron and Naf Naf, and the bargains of the biannual season-closing sales are particularly worthy of an explore.

Effigy Boutique, 14 Russell Street, Tralee, County Kerry, Ireland. +353 667120938

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Macbees, Killarney

Probably the hippest Kerry fashion outlet, Macbees is a hyper-modern, curated luxury fashion boutique, drawing from both classic brands and up-and-coming designers. Amongst the sparse, sleek store you’ll find Eugen Klein, Lucia, Aldo Martin and Just White on show. The influences are drawn from London, Paris, Berlin and Copenhagen, while the store also has a section dedicated to wedding-wear. Check out the fantastic work of Irish jeweler MoMuse.

Macbees, 26 New Street, Killarney, County Kerry, Ireland. +353 646633622

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Jasmine Boutique, Tralee

Jasmine Boutique focuses on clothes for the special occasion, catering to weddings, funerals, the ubiquitous holy communion and ladies days at Ireland’s various horse-racing events. That means largely quite smart, high-end offerings, with an abundance of satin, lace, silk and flower-coated headpieces. Not a spot for your next big night in the club, then, but they’ll certainly dress you up to the nines. The laid-back ambiance of the smart little store is great, too.

Jasmine Boutique, 1-2 Russell Street, Tralee, County Kerry, Ireland. +353 667102463

The Taelane Store, Listowel

A classy looking corner of Listowel, The Taelane Store isn’t quite as high-end as some of the other stores listed here (they stock items like bamboo socks, a few plants, and neck warmers in amongst the clothing), but it’s endlessly charming. Between gorgeous print dresses, statement jewellery and atmospheric music, you’ll find brands like Jack Jones and The Happy Candle.

The Taelane Store, 21 Church Street, Listowel, County Kerry, Ireland. +353 6853885

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La Boheme, Dingle

A petite little Dingle corner that has the benefit of being just down the road from the famous Dick Mack’s pub, La Boheme crams plenty of brands into its tiny corners. Uncover the best of White Stuff, Tiffosi, Sandwich, Luke Lovely, and more, just inside the bright pink door, where you can also sense the spot’s former art gallery status, in both the spiral staircase and gorgeously rustic displays.

La Boheme, Green Street, Dingle, County Kerry, Ireland. +353 669152444

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Weardrobe Boutique, Killarney

A mish-mash of styles that promises to ‘make you feel great’ for any occasion (they go high-end, but also, bizarrely, sell tracksuits too), Weardrobe aims to fill the gap between the wear-once occasion-targeting dress and the everyday. With Animapop, French Connection, HV Polo and Mos Mosh amongst the brands stocked here, there’s plenty to keep serious shoppers as well as casual browsers entertained. This place is quite big in the Irish online retail market, and there’s also a sister store to be found in Tralee.

Weardrobe Boutique, 82 New Street, Killarney, County Kerry, Ireland. +353 646639933


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