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The Best Wine Bars In Dublin, Ireland
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The Best Wine Bars In Dublin, Ireland

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Updated: 9 February 2017
There are many different wine bars around the Dublin area. Most wines originate from France or Italy, due to the great varieties of grapes grown in these two countries. When wine tasting, the color, taste and smell are all important factors. French wines tend to be violet, and Italian wines are usually ruby red when held to the light, as a result of the different grapes used. Here are five of the best bars in Dublin, where you are sure to become a wine connoisseur.
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The French Paradox

The French Paradox gives visitors a rustic and cozy feeling, with its imperfect whitewashed walls and wooden beams. This wine bar sells tapas to go with the French wines on sale. The French Paradox has over 60 wine varieties freshly available by the glass and over 200 bottles available from the cellar, so visitors are truly spoiled for choice. Thankfully, the staff are well informed and run weekly wine classes to suit every level of knowledge.

53 Shelbourne Road, Dublin 4 +353 1 660 4068

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Bloom Brasserie

Stylish and intimate, Bloom Brasserie is a French-inspired restaurant and wine bar, serving wines and cocktails. The restaurant and wine bar is owned and operated by two brothers from Dublin who are committed to ensuring that every individual receives excellent customer service every time. Both brothers have a lot of charm, charisma and experience which is sure to make you want to return.

11 Upper Baggot St, Dublin 4 +353 1 668 7170

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La Caverna Restaurant and Wine Bar

La Caverna is a relaxing and atmospheric Italian-style restaurant with an 18th century barrel vault in the cellar, where the wine bar is. The decor is understated, with delicate lighting and there is a cozy, comfortable and romantic atmosphere. La Caverna is located in the famous Temple Bar, making it a beloved spot for tourists. There are wines in La Caverna that cannot be found anywhere else in Dublin. The staff are very pleasant and professional, as well as being well-educated on all of their various wines.

12 Fownes Street Upper, Dublin 2 +353 1 670 3110

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Ely Bar & Brasserie

Set inside a 200 year old building – originally a tobacco store – Ely Bar & Brasserie has a lot of character and class with brick walls and chic lighting, and was voted the “best wine experience in Ireland” in 2014 and 2015. The manager, Ian Brosnan, holds regular wine tastings which are informal and very informative. Bookings can be made from their website. There is also a four week-long course on wines in order to help those with a passion for the beverage understand and appreciate different varieties.

North Dock, Georges Dock, Dublin 1 +353 1 672 0010

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Bar Italia

The go-to place for the most cosmopolitan and stylish individuals, Bar Italia is an Italian restaurant on the busy Ormond Quay. The walls are decorated with understated art pieces including some modern art and some impressionist works. Bar Italia source their wines directly from Italy and have chosen only the finest for their restaurant. There is a great variety and even a smaller “recommended” list for those who are indecisive.

26 Lower Ormond Quay, Dublin 1 +353 1 874 1000