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Mrs Brown's Boys D'Movie was a big hit on release in 2014 (Universal/BBC)
Mrs Brown's Boys D'Movie was a big hit on release in 2014 (Universal/BBC)
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Brexit Vote Means Delay For Mrs Brown's Boys Movie Sequel

Picture of Cassam Looch
Film Editor
Updated: 1 August 2016
The UK’s decision to leave the European Union means that the planned follow-up film to 2014 hit Mrs Brown’s Boys D’Movie has been put on indefinite hold as the value of sterling continues to fall.

With Britain voting out, the shockwaves continue to be felt across the creative arts. As businesses leave the UK and set up home in mainland Europe, the latest high-profile scalp is the sequel to Mrs Brown’s Boys, the hit BBC show-turned-movie about a potty-mouthed Irish ‘mammy’ and her family.


Plans for another film in the franchise have been thrown into disarray with the sitcom’s creator and star Brendan O’Carroll claiming that ‘the numbers weren’t right’ to make the proposed sequel as intended later this year.

Despite damning reviews for both the film and TV show, O’Carroll’s larger-than-life matriarch is a massive ratings success. Audiences continue to grow, with the series running for 5 seasons so far and a popular film spin-off following since its launch in 2011.


Brendan O’Carroll as Agnes ‘Mammy’ Brown in the movie version of the hit BBC show. (Universal)

But now it looks like even Mrs Brown will have to take stock after Brexit.

“The Brexit drop in sterling makes it a lot more expensive for the studio than it would have been previously. They will wait until the pound stabilises before they make any plans,” O’Carroll told The Sun.

The cast won’t be too bothered however, as a recent live TV episode once again drew in a huge audience and a touring version of Mrs Brown’s Boys ran for 77 nights in Australia.

It looks like Mrs Brown isn’t going away anytime soon, even if we will all have to wait a bit longer to see her in our local multiplex.