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Reykjavik Street Art, Iceland | © Forbes Johnston/Flickr
Reykjavik Street Art, Iceland | © Forbes Johnston/Flickr | Reykjavik Street Art, Iceland | © Forbes Johnston/Flickr
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What You Probably Don't Know About This Small Island's Creative Impact In the World

Picture of Camille Buckley
Updated: 30 October 2017
For such a small population—around 330,000 inhabitants—Iceland’s creative impact on the world has had a surprisingly profound influence; considering how isolated the country is both culturally and geographically, this makes creativity an even more important cultivation. In fact, creative industries in Iceland employ a larger share than both the fishing and agricultural industries combined, and, in turn, generates a larger percentage of the GDP.

Prolific music scene

Icelandic musicians like Björk, Of Monsters and Men, and Sigur Rós have contributed to the Icelandic music scene’s place on the world stage. They have also perhaps contributed to a stereotype of Icelandic music that does not represent the whole music scene. Since Iceland does not have a strong pop-music genre, the sheer diversity of talents contributes to many different genres including hip-hop, metal, and indie rock is inspiring in itself. With so many music festivals offered on the island each year that attract international acts and visitors, the music scene is becoming more of a cultural export.