The Best Places to Eat Lobster Soup in Reykjavik

Sægreifinn |© gordon cheung/Flickr
Sægreifinn |© gordon cheung/Flickr
Photo of Camille Buckley
27 July 2017

Although Sigourney Weaver said she had the best lobster soup in her life at the small cafe Bryggjan in the fishing village of Grindavík in southwest Iceland, here are the best places to eat lobster soup in the capital.


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Sægreifinn is an establishment well-known for its lobster soup. The restaurant’s sign even says “The World’s Best Lobster Soup.” Located in the old harbor area, this rough and tumble sea shack is full of nautical equipment hanging on the walls. The lobster soup is of the classic, creamy variety, with the recipe passed down from the eccentric fisherman who opened the restaurant.

Verbúð 11 - Lobster & Stuff

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Lobster and stuff
Lobster and stuff | © Gary J. Wood / Flickr

Verbúð 11 is located in the old harbor area. This relaxed bistro-style café specializes in the craft of lobster-based dishes. This lobster soup is served in two parts—first, a generous bowl full of fresh local lobster and then, the server pours the broth in front of your eyes. From this, you can experience a full range of aromas to pique your palate before tasting. The broth takes a new spin on the traditional with ginger, coconut, and cognac. Served with sourdough bread.

The Lobsterhouse

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Torfan's Lobsterhouse
Torfan's Lobsterhouse | © Nils Jonsson / Flickr

Located in a historic building from 1838, this restaurant combines the best of French and Nordic cuisine. Well known for lobster dishes, The Lobsterhouse offers an elaborate humarveisla, or Langoustine Feast in which you have roasted langoustine in lightly whipped cream with dulse salt as well as grilled langoustine with roasted vegetables paired with wine or beer, and créme brúlée for dessert. A simple yet elegant take on the classic lobster soup.


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Fiskfélagið | © JasonParis/Reykjavik
Fiskfélagið | © JasonParis / Flickr

Fiskfélagið, or The Fish Company, is well known for some of the best seafood in Iceland. Here you can try a very creative assortment of flavor and textures on offer on the tasting menu. Located under a bridge downtown in a former store built in the 19th century, Fiskfélagið offers an exciting blend of Nordic fusion. Enjoy the unique interior décor designed by Leif Welding and the owner, Lárus Gunnar. From the menu, try their fish soup with langoustine, coconut jelly, and Icelandic seaweed.