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The 10 Best Hotels In Reykjavik
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The 10 Best Hotels In Reykjavik

Picture of Sonia Cuesta de Andrés
Updated: 9 February 2017
Reykjavik is a vibrant and cosmopolitan city. Tourism is one of the main industries in Iceland and as such demand is always very high, making the hotel business a very competitive one. Reykjavik has developed many interesting options for an exciting and unusual stay: here’s our guide to ten of the best hotels in Reykjavik.
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Kex Hostel

Kex Hostel is a great vintage hotel in Reykjavik, the buzzing capital of Iceland. Kex means ‘biscuit’ in Icelandic and in this case it refers to the fact that this building used to be a biscuit factory. The locale has an unusual look that makes it one-of-a-kind, and its cafe and bar are a great place for trying some of the establishment’s homemade biscuits.

Skúlagata 28, Reykjavik, Iceland, +354 561 6060

Icelandair Hotel Reykjavik Marina

Situated by the harbor, which is one of the most beautiful parts of the city and home to one of Reykjavik’s best-kept secrets (a fun flea market), this hotel is one of the trendiest establishments on the island. With a cafe, bar and restaurant that all have beautiful views of the sea and the mountains, cozy fires and top-notch food, discovering Nordic cuisine here is an unforgettable experience. The hotel’s surprising decor combines antiques with colorful wallpapers and vintage objects.

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Kerlingarfjöll Mountain Resort

Wilder and more adventurous tourists will love the opportunity that this ‘hotel‘ offers: a nature retreat by the stunning mountains outside of Reykjavik, where visitors will be lodging in huts and cabins that come with communal kitchens and bathrooms. The stunning views and fresh air will enable visitors to let go and relax, whilst taking in the wonderful panorama. There is also a great restaurant here, where travelers will be able to taste typical Icelandic fare. Afterwards, why not take a bath in the outdoor hot pool?

Kerlingarfjöll Mountain Resort, Iceland, +354 664 7000

Center Hotel Thingholt

Center Hotel Thingholt is centrally located, meaning that it is a great base from which to explore all of the attractions that the Icelandic capital has to offer, including some of the city’s best Scandinavian or vegetarian restaurants. Inside the hotel guests will observe a distinctly 1940s style, with art prints on the walls, white rugs and glitzy fabrics, which are the essence of this fabulous boutique hotel.

101 Hotel

101 Hotel is one of the hippest, coolest hotels in the world. Its unexpected style choices mean that the decoration will surprise visitors and the hotel’s very own art gallery is the perfect place to explore some one of a kind pieces. Apart from this, clients will also be able to admire high ceilings, glass walls and custom furniture all over the building. The rooms are furnished to perfection and even have a selection of Blue Lagoon toiletries and products, making a stay at this boutique hotel blissful.

Hotel Reykjavik Centrum

History lovers will adore this hotel, which is a great example of the city’s past. It is located on one of Reykjavik’s oldest streets, and is one of the oldest buildings in the city, with parts of it dating back to the latter half of the 18th century.During its most recent renovation work archaeologists discovered what appeared to be human remains from AD 870 and what was once a Viking long-house, both of which can now be visited in the hotel’s very own museum.

Reykjavik Residence Hotel

Formerly the Norwegian embassy, this hotel has a great location in a large building that evokes old-style elegance. The rooms here are spacious, well furnished and have small kitchens so visitors can try their hand at making some typical Icelandic food. The cupboards are stocked with cereals, milk and orange juice so more active guests can get up early and have a quick breakfast whenever they want. Downtown Reykjavik is easy to reach and there are numerous things to do nearby, such as visiting a cool art house cinema.

Hotel Holt

Hotel Holt is an elegant hotel with a gourmet restaurant and a great art collection, including some famous pieces of Icelandic art. The eatery has been open for almost 50 years and it still maintains its original standard of excellence, serving lush food and exquisite wines. The bar is also a great place to snack and drink and recover some strength after an exhausting day out in the city. The hotel’s private room, ‘The Library’, is a classy space where visitors will be able to hold meetings or dinners in a beautiful setting, with leather sofas, old books and classic Icelandic paintings.

Hotel Borg

‘Art-deco cool’ is a perfect way to describe this historic hotel, which first opened its doors in 1930s. Situated by the city’s parliament, Hotel Borg has a distinctly elegant air which visitors will notice once they set foot inside. Hotel Borg’s restaurant serves delicious French cuisine in a more modern environment and is the perfect setting for a romantic meal.

Peace Center Guesthouse

What makes this hotel so special is learning about the organization behind it, which supports humanitarian and peace-building projects all over the world. Renting out rooms to tourists means that the NGO raises the funds it needs to continue its charitable work, whilst providing a safe and calm retreat for visitors in the capital. It is located in the artsy part of the city, which means that there is a bohemian feel all around, and the hotel also has its own library.