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This is how you take a safe selfie | © Iceland Academy (YouTube)
This is how you take a safe selfie | © Iceland Academy (YouTube)
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So, Iceland Has Just Started Teaching Tourists How To Take Safe Selfies

Picture of Ewa Zubek
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Updated: 25 November 2016
According to Mashable, you may already know that more people die taking selfies than from shark attacks. And yet, nobody seems to offer courses on how to take safe selfies. Until today.

The Icelandic tourism board’s Iceland Academy has recently released a video that may, one day, save your life. This is two minutes well spent. After all, according to the Iceland Academy, “selfies can be dangerous when you’re focusing on your pout and not the volcanic hot spring about to cover you in boiling water.” Tips include staying at a distance from open water and not getting too close to the edges of cliffs. Simple, yet in an Instagram-induced frenzy you might sometimes forget the basics of common sense.

Here’s what you can do to stay safe:

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