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Reykjavik Bus Station Turned Into a Food Market

Reykjavik Bus Station Turned Into a Food Market

Picture of Camille Buckley
Updated: 23 September 2017

Located at the top of Hverfisgata, this former bus station has long been a rather unsavory space where people hide from the howling wind and wait for the bus, Hlemmur Mathöll recently opened in downtown Reykjavik. Now in the bright and open space and inspired by the great food halls of Europe, a number of innovative and ethnic food stalls as well as fresh produce can now be found here after the former bus station underwent a thorough renovation.

This bustling food hall’s former identity is hardly traceable, and Reykjavík, Iceland’s growing food scene welcomes the addition with open arms.

See the location during its extensive renovation:

Now in the bustling food hall, try some of the following establishments: the artisan bakery Brauð & Co, the famous Danish open-faced sandwich masters at Jómfrúin, authentic Mexican tacos at La Poblana, the experimental SKÁL! bar, delicious coffee at Te & Kaffi Microroasters, nitrogen frozen ice cream at Ísleifur Heppni, and Vietnamese street food at Báhn Mí.

Check out the food hall’s website for more information and updates on new food vendors.

Beautiful super wide-angle aerial view of Reykjavik, Iceland with harbor and skyline mountains and scenery beyond the city, seen from the observation tower of hallgrimskirja | © Tsuguliev/Shutterstock