A Budget Traveler's Guide to Iceland

Iceland-Reykjavik | © Harshil Shah/Flickr
Iceland is on The Telegraph’s list of top 20 most expensive cities to visit in the world, however, there are ways to circumnavigate some of those expenses. Budget airlines such as Wow Air make this even more possible, especially when they offer special travel deals. It is possible to have a very relaxing and inexpensive day in Iceland while also taking part in some of the most popular cultural past times. This would include lounging at a swimming pool, drinking coffee and cake at a cafe, reading a book, and sticking to the Happy Hour offers.

Where to Eat and Sleep

While eating out in Iceland can be quite expensive when it comes to restaurants, there are a few exceptions. In Reykjavik, check out the kebab stands Mandi, Habibi, and Durum, all located downtown. However, if you really want to stick to your budget, it is best to do your shopping at the discount grocery store, Bonus (the one with the silly drunken pig logo), and cook your meals at your accommodation. Staying at campgrounds and hostels are definitely the best way to stay definitely stay in your budget. There are many hotels, however, that are worth the price. Check out our list of 16 of Iceland’s cheapest hotels for more details.

Bonus © Daniel Boden/Flickr

City Museum Offer

The Reykjavik city museums have an offer in which buying one museum ticket to any of the museum allows you access to other city museums if you visit on the same day. The museums involved include Reykjavik Art Museum-Hafnarhús, Kjarvalstaðir, and Ásmundarsafn. Two other city museums, The National Museum of Iceland and the Culture House, offer the same deal in which entrance to one gives you access to the other on the same day. The outdoor sculpture garden at the Einar Jonsson Museum is open free of charge.

Hafnarhús © gamene/Flickr

Bus Tours

If you want to explore the landscape outside of the cities, booking a seat on a tour bus can be much more affordable than renting your own car – and with fewer things to consider, you can sit back and truly enjoy the surroundings. There are day-long excursions offered that explore the Golden Circle, Snæfellsness Peninsula, the South Coast and Jökulsárlón, Landmannalaugur hiking area, Reykjanes Peninsula, Cave tours, and Reykjavik area tours.