10 Startups From Iceland to Watch Out For

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Photo of Camille Buckley
22 June 2017

Many of the following Icelandic-startup companies are participating in Startup Reykjavik’s 2017 Accelerator Program while others are recently-established startups that are making exciting developments in healthcare and tech. Keep an eye out for these companies and their creative outputs on the horizon—everything from gaming to shopping, these are the companies that will be shaping the tech world in the near future in Iceland.


Ankra develops and markets dietary supplements and skin-care products using unique ingredients from the ocean surrounding Iceland, where collagen is the main ingredient. Ankra markets its products under the brand name Feel Iceland.


This game-development company is working on new fantasy role-playing video games. Myrkur has developed a technology which allows users to enter virtual environments with a full virtual body tracked in real time for an immersive virtual experience in an expansive virtual universe.

Selective Humans

This company provides a unique solution to a common problem: enabling humans to be more selective and self-sufficient in their health choices. From the Selective Humans website: “The ideology is to enlighten and protect humans, support food safety and a real freedom of choice. Selective Humans consists of an extensive database and a simple app for the global market that allows users to check for undesirable ingredients before purchasing groceries and food supplements.”

Jökulsárlon, Iceland | © Massimo Margagloni/Flickr


Florealis is a pharmaceutical company offering a broad selection of herbaceuticals for mild-common diseases. Its products are then sold in phar­ma­cies and avail­able with­out a prescription. Part of the company’s mission statement includes: “Herbal med­i­cines are prod­ucts that bridge the gap between unreg­is­tered and uncon­trolled herbal reme­dies and con­ven­tional med­i­cines. Our aim is to use the best of both; stan­dard­ized active herbal ingre­di­ents com­bined with qual­ity and safety require­ments from the phar­ma­ceu­ti­cal industry.”


This social app was founded in 2013 and nominated for the Nordic Startup of the Year in 2014. This social-networking app aims to connect friends who are going out gathering information on popular clubs and bars and connecting the group so everyone is up-to-date on evening plans, eliminating the convoluted need for more than one social messaging app.


This company provides users with a simple blood-spot test to identify certain risk factors related to lifestyle diseases. It also provides ready-made food products to reduce this risk according to the needs of each user.

Vik, Iceland | © Massimo Margagnoni/Flickr


The focus of this company is in solving overcrowding in tourism by helping travelers personalize their experiences and desires when traveling. The company aims to expand to four more countries by the end of 2017. “The problem in Iceland isn’t overcrowding,” according to Andri Kristinsson CEO of Travelade, “but rather that most visitors are pointed to the same place at the same time.”


CrankWheel offers a practical way to share a browser tab or screen with a customer. Customers never need to install any software, as CrankWheel works on practically any device or browser. This helps the technically inclined visually explain complicated concepts over the phone that callers wouldn’t be able to understand with just a phone call.


Using Tagplay helps users save time, streamline their efforts, and keep everything up-to-date by managing their social-media content across all platforms. From the company website: “Avoid logging into complex web systems or contacting a developer to update your site. With Tagplay, you can update websites and displays automatically by posting content on your own social media pages like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube & Workplace.”

Porcelain Fortress

Formed in 2016, this game studio’s mission is to develop and publish simple, fun, and well-polished games for PCs and consoles with inspiration drawn from a retro aesthetic. From the studio’s website: “Our mission is to develop and publish simple, fun and well-polished games for PCs and Consoles. Know then that we look to the arcades of old and the consoles of yesteryear for inspiration but want to build new and exciting experiences from those roots.”

Iceland | © Florian Martys/Flickr

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