10 Fashion Designers From Iceland You Should Know

| Courtesy of Farmers Market
| Courtesy of Farmers Market
Iceland is a hot spot for emerging talented fashion designers, acknowledged for its general unique sense of lifestyle and aesthetic. Perhaps it is the lack of fashion history that ensures a creative freedom when it comes to design. Many of the following fashion designers contribute to the growing industry and culture of fashion in Iceland, with their high-quality and forward-thinking aesthetic. Check out many of their shops/studios along the main shopping streets in Reykjavik.


Ásta Vilhelmína Guðmundsdóttir is the Iceland-based fashion designer behind Ásta créative clothes. Her artwork and designs take inspiration from the quickly shifting variations of Icelandic weather. With a delicate attention to the natural tendencies of the textile, her creations evoke a whimsical state between unraveling and composition. More recently, Ásta has been participating more and more with installations and sculptures for which she has used such fibers as bamboo, bamboo thread, horsehair, and silk. She has participated in numerous exhibitions, symposiums, and residencies both in Iceland and abroad. Her work edges the line between textile art installation and wearable fashion. You can find her work in the design shop, Kirsuberjátréð in Reykjavík.

Courtesy of Ásta 


KRON by KRONKRON is a beloved Icelandic fashion label that seems to always be current with the style of the times with its timeless pieces. The collections are designed for mixing and matching with previous collections, making it an easily collectible wardrobe. You can find pieces from the collection at two locations in Reykjavik; the Kronkron store which sells pieces from the KRON by KRONKRON label as well as other Icelandic and international designers, and Kron, which sells exclusively shoes by the label. The owners of both are the designer duo behind the label. With the label’s signature joyful color usage and an accessorized mix of materials and textures, there is distinctly feminine elegance that is a trademark of the designers. The collections have included these telling titles: Magical Grove, Cabinet of Wonders, Intangible, and Magic in the Moonlight.

1710 Courtesy of KRON by KRONKRON


Myrka is the label of the Icelandic fashion designer, Harpa Einarsdóttir. Using inspiration from Icelandic cultural history, the designs visually illustrate notions of the landscape and mythology with artful prints, sharp silhouettes, and a unique elegance. The brand embraces craftsmanship as well, basing their work on socially and environmentally conscious clothing.

Courtesy of Myrka 


Geysir designs give you the sensation you have walked into a well-manicured country estate nestled deep in a fjord instead of a shop off the main shopping street in Reykjavik. Geysir designs are seemingly inspired by a balance of city life in a Scandinavian capital as well as Iceland’s particular history of craft from natural materials and knitwear especially. The shop reflects this balance between city life/country life and tradition/modernity using locally sourced textiles and yarns mixed with other quality materials.

Hildur Yeoman

Hildur Yeoman has slowly become one of Iceland’s leading fashion designers, known for her elaborate designs and attention to the aesthetic world created by her collections. Her new shop in Reykjavik, Yeoman, which opened in Spring 2017, reflects her atmospheric and distinct designs. Hildur is first and foremost a fashion designer, but her illustration skills, as well as other collaborative art forms can be found in her creative process, all contributing to a very distinct aesthetic that is completely Hildur Yeoman.

Hildur Yeoman editorial Photo by Hrefna Bjorg Gylfadottir


Eygló was the winner of “Fashion Design of the Year 2016” with her enigmatic prints, featuring sometimes humorous subject matter, of varying textures. Eygló started her own label in 2006 after graduating from the Iceland Academy of Arts. She is a part of fashion design collective that co-runs KIOSK in downtown Reykjavik, where you can find her designs. KIOSK has won the award “Best shop to buy local fashion design” seven years in a row.

Courtesy of KIOSK. Photo by Rafael Pinho 

milla snorrason

milla snorrason is a bold label that is at once relaxed and active. The Icelandic fashion designer behind the label, Hilda Gunnarsdóttir, makes layered pieces that embody feminine eccentricity. The pieces balance both modern Iceland and the island’s cultural roots by using Icelandic free range wool in the knitwear pieces. Each collection is named after a specific place in Iceland from which she gathers the graphic forms for the pieces. Thus far, Vondugil, Strákagil, and Stykkishólmur have been used as collection inspirations.

Courtesy of KIOSK. Photo by Rut Sigurðardóttir. 


STEiNUNN is the label of Icelandic fashion designer, Steinunn Sigurðardóttir. The collection expresses a plethora of knitted varieties, detailing the craft with technique and fabric. Steinunn has recently experimented with the boundaries of her mainstay craft of knitting by facilitating ‘Rhythm Knitting’ workshops that allow knitters to acquaint themselves with the musical element of the craft. Visit her studio/shop in the Grandi area of Reykjavik, which features accessories to add to the collections mainstays, as well as art and photographs that reveal the designer’s inspirations.

Courtesy of STEiNUNN 

Farmers Market

Farmers & Friends is the carrier of the Icelandic design label Farmers Market. Established in 2005, inspiration is found in Icelandic nature and culture with product lines featuring classic Nordic design movements with a minimal modernism. A sort of romantic country atmosphere describes the whole collection with its sustainable use of natural fabrics and craftsmanship. The pieces in the collection are suitable for authentic style in an urban setting as well as when engaged in outdoor activities.

Courtesy of Farmers Market 

Kormákur & Skjaldar

This primarily men’s fashion line, Kormákur & Skjaldar, features a selection of products that take special inspiration from British fashion staples with an interest in wool garments that withstand harsh Northern climates while still holding a signature style. Established in 2010, the brand’s outlook has often been on using inspiration from the past with a special interest in tweed, bringing to men’s fashion a timeless elegance that never goes out of style.

Courtesy of Kormákur & Skjaldar