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Szeleste, Festetich castle/©Egresij/wikicommons
Szeleste, Festetich castle/©Egresij/wikicommons
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The Top 10 Hotels In Szombathely, Hungary

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Updated: 9 February 2017
Given Szombathely’s rich legacy and its wonderful bars and restaurants, we want to help you choose from the best hotels, cottages and apartments to stay. Here are our top picks for gotels to book in Szombathely.
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Park Hotel Pelikán

In this amazing hotel, you can enjoy majestic surroundings as well as an ample green garden. Rooms are painted an elegant beige and are equipped with everything you could desire. There is an adjacent wellness center where you can relax in one of the swimming pools (which have glass roofing that provides an awesome view through to the garden) or in the saunas, or even spend a few minutes in the salt-chamber and enjoy a professional massage afterwards.

Address and telephone number: Deák Ferenc street 5 Szombathely, Hungary +36 94 513 802

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Vadász Restaurant and Hotel

Having been open for 100 years, this charming place has a trusted reputation among the locals. Vadász (‘The Hunter’) Restaurant serves huge portions of mouth-watering food with polite service. Guests can choose from a wide variety of traditional Hungarian food and international meals and, being true to its name, the restaurant offers game dishes too. In summer, guests may enjoy grill-parties out in the garden shaded by the many trees. Rooms are nice, clean and cozy.

Address and telephone number: Szent Imre herceg street 59, Szombathely +36 94 511-052

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Wagner Hotel and Restaurant

In the vicinity of the Main Square, Wagner Hotel and Restaurant offers a warm welcome and friendliness. Run by the same family for generations, this place knows how to treat its guests. You can have a lovely dinner inside in the dining room, where a huge mural adorns the wall, complete with Hungarian huszars, or in the tranquil garden area surrounded by flowers.

Address and telephone number: Kossuth Lajos street 15 Szombathely, Hungary +36 94 322-208

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Józsi bácsi restaurant

This pub-hotel is a hidden away in the outskirts of the city, but provides top-notch, old-style service. The simple but elegant rooms can be a great shelter for anyone, with their lovely wooden furniture and big bathrooms. Aside from the main hall, which is decorated as a knight’s hall, the other rooms are equipped with Hungarian folklore features. Guests here have nothing but praise for the hotel, which sees many of them return again and again.

Address and telephone number: Halastó street 2 Szombathely, Hungary +36 94 510 515

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Nádasdy Apartment

This apartment is situated in a very tranquil part of Szombathely, yet lies close to the railway station and the main square. Some rooms are equipped with a ‘lazy corner’ where you can relax in huge sofas and play games or watch TV. The interior is ruled by the bare brick walls, which make you feel welcome and comfortable in the rustic building, and you can spend a peaceful, uninterrupted night in the great beds. There is even a small adjacent kitchen, should you feel up to cooking or preparing a warm breakfast.

Address: Nádasdy Ferenc street 11 Szombathely, Hungary

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Öreg Fenyő vendégház

The ‘Old Pine Cottage‘ is located on the outskirts of Szombathely, in a beautiful, ample green area. There is a small garden where you can meet the family’s friendly dog, some chickens, sheep and lots of singing birds. Huge trees provide shade and coolness during the summer, not to mention the small brook at the back of the garden. The rooms are equipped with true retro furniture; check out the small details, like the Singer sewing machine and the century-old ironing machine.

Address and telephone number: Hunyadi street 257 Gencsapáti, Hungary + 36 30 601 3671

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Bordó Hordó

If you are looking for a typical Hungarian place to stay, then Bordó Hordó (‘Crimson Barrel’) is the perfect place for you. You can sit on the side of a huge beehive oven surrounded by beautiful, embroidered pillows, or relax in the garden area. Due to the vicinity of Szombathely (around 15km) and Austria (3km), this is a very popular meeting point for those who want to enjoy the ski paradises of Austria.

Address and telephone number: Kőszegi street 30 Lukácsháza, Hungary +36 30 939 0783

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Bozsoki Pihenő

Some miles from Szombathely – but benefiting from a tranquil village environment – you can find this small, traditional apartment house. The building itself is a perfect example of how a Hungarian house might have looked some decades ago. This cottage is ideal for those who want to spend some relaxing time in a magical environment, and having a number of popular excursion destinations in the local vicinity means you have a great opportunity to explore the area’s beauty.

Address and telephone number: Rákóczi street 43 Bozsok, Hungary + 36 94 361 009

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Az öreg parókia

The Old Rectory‘ is a converted catholic rectory, with rooms providing marvelous views of the large garden area. Not far from Szombathely, and ideally close to Sárvár and its spas, this place provides a top-notch stay for any guest. They have a herb garden and fruit trees, which provide the ingredients for the dishes and homemade jams. Also, you can spend your time playing games or indulge in the huge library (there are 2,000 books available in Hungarian, English and German).

Address and telephone number: Március 15 square 2 Meggyeskovácsi, Hungary +36 30 622 0607

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Festetich kastélyszálló

Of those listed, this property is the furthest from Szombathely, but who wouldn’t want to spend a few days in a real castle. Yes, this hotel really is in a genuine castle, with towers, enormously high ceilings and numerous windows. The rooms are just as majestic as the outside of the building, and the area is surrounded by a large arboretum, where you can play hide-and-seek, imagine the lifestyle of the lady/lord of the castle, or simply relax in the tranquil environment.

Address and telephone number: Arany János street 37 Szeleste, Hungary +36 95 565 001