The Top 10 Bars In Szombathely, Hungary

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9 February 2017

We’ve previously presented Szombathely’s rich legacy and the best restaurants, so in this article we aim to help you to choose from the cafés and bars that can be found in this amazing capital city of Vas county. Get your shoes on, here is our guide to the top 10 bars in Szomebathely.

Kiraly street, Szombathely | © Darinko/Wikicommons


Not everyone can enjoy the privilege of travelling to a faraway, exotic continent, this bar is dedicated to those people, and to those who can reignite precious memories of times spent in Africa. This café has an exciting, vibrant interior with fresh green walls, wooden furniture and a wide range of coffees, cocktails, tall drinks and hot chocolates. Situated in one of the oldest streets of Szombathely, everything is within walking distance, whether it be the Main Square, the bus station or one of the many romantic parks.
Address: Király u. 8/a Szombathely, Hungary phone +36 94 326-448

Café Frei

Hidden in a courtyard but well-known to all the locals, Café Frei is a very popular spot to meet your friends and chat about the important things in life. Set in a cozy environment with an unbelievably long list of quality coffees and select teas, Café Frei makes it a little hard to choose, and you will probably leave already having decided what you’ll order the next time around. Accompanied by top-notch service and fiendishly skilful baristas, this is the place for you if you are obsessed with caffeine.
Address: Uránia courtyard, Szombathely, Hungary phone +36 94 310-511

Két Medve Pub

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The ‘Two Bears Pub‘ is a typical Hungarian pub, with wooden walls and every kind of alcohol. If you have ever heard of fröccs (wine mixed with sparkling water), you can have a sip of it in the garden here. Very much in vogue amongst the local youth, you will always find a generally young clientele here. Don’t worry if you begin to feel hungry, the menu also contains hot sandwiches for starving guests. Moreover, you can play darts or table-football and keep up with the latest sports on one of the two TV screens.

Marco Polo Burger Bar

For those who have had enough of mass-produced burger joints, this place is paradise. Mammoth-sized bread rolls filled with fresh ingredients, the end result is a burger that is almost too big to eat at one sitting. There are at least thirty options, even vegetarian ones, filled with apple and goat cheese. You can enjoy this burger heaven at two city locations, or you can order over the phone. It is probably fair to say that there isn’t an inhabitant of Szombathely who hasn’t eaten here at least once.
Address: Paragvári street 7. and Uránia courtyard Szombathely, Hungary phone +36 20 473-1388

Szombathely Main Square | ©LilDash/Deviantart


As Szombathely’s first ‘ruin pub,’ Veranda had to reach high to meet expectations, set as they were by comparable venues in Budapest. In spite of that, this pub delivered on those expectations to become a popular city destination. With brick walls and colorful installations, a Mediterranean garden area and huge selection of drinks (like the proudly-presented Hungarian schnapps, pálinka) along with nibbles and occasional concerts, this place is always vibrant.
Address: Kossuth street 4 Szombathely, Hungary phone +36 70 3677-725

Cinema Café

Situated in the city’s art cinema, this café not only provides great service but is a lively addition to the city’s cultural life, serving as a venue for concerts and parties. There is a nice selection of tasty hot chocolates and coffees, and with its cinema interior (red walls, big puffy armchairs) you can easily while away a relaxing afternoon here. The secret weapon is the selection of beers, including premium draft brands and specialty Belgian fruit beers.
Address: Kőszegi street 12, Szombathely, Hungary phone +36 94 460 020

Isis-shrine in Szombathely | © Pan Peter12/Wikicommons

Pistons Pub

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This pub offers everything that is essential for an enjoyable afternoon or evening out, pool tables, darts, occasional live music, a patio and nice beer. In the absence of live music, the good mood is provided by old vinyl records. The place radiates modern elegance, a feature which is also tangible in the quality service.

Murphy’s Mojo Club

This club has a unique atmosphere. It was probably the first pre-ruin pubs in the country, before all the fancy ones in Budapest opened their doors. The interior is amazing, having a huge, old red car at the entrance, eclectic seats and antique furniture. There is always a great mood in this place. Concerts and pizza are available (the latter each day when the Club is open).
Address: Semmelweis street 28 Szombathely, Hungary phone +36 94 315 981

Bánya Café And Bar

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Szombathely center
Szombathely center | © KovacsDaniel/Wikicommons
The Cave Café and Bar, a popular gathering spot, mainly for the younger crowd or those who want to enjoy life with a drink and a dance. Here, regular events and parties follow one after another, with great discounts available on different items. The music is mainly electronica and dance, so if you are longing for a long night out in a blissful, trance-like state, then the Cave may be just the place for you.

Bohém Lounge & Café

‘Silence for breakfast, sparkling for evening, color for the eyes, the aroma of freshly-brewed coffee for the nose, music that we love for the ears’, this venue’s motto eloquently describes everything you need to know about it. Just a stone’s throw away from the Main Square, Bohém Lounge is easily accessible. Live concerts and exhibitions render this place as truly bohemian as its name suggests.

Address: Király street 17 Szombathely, Hungary phone +36 20 597 3746

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