The Most Romantic Places to Stay in Szeged

Szeged | © csupordezso / Pixabay
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6 December 2017

Whether you’re a tourist looking to explore Hungary beyond the confines of Budapest or a local looking for a romantic getaway, Szeged is a great option for couples looking for some peace and quiet together. There are a number of hotels that cater just for this crowd, too.

Hotel Tiszavirág

Easily the most expensive hotel in the area, and while that can typically mean a place that is too stuffy to be romantic, it still manages to maintain a good sense of homeliness about it. The rooms in particular are immense in size, but individually decorated to give each one a special, more intimate feel. Couple this with a sauna, spa, outdoor lounge and one of the city’s most prestigious restaurants and you’re left with a hotel that has it all for an amorous break away.

One of the boutique rooms at the Tiszavirág Hotel in Szeged | © Tiszavirág Hotel

Hotel Auris

As one of the few hotels in Szeged to have its own pools, Auris is definitely the best option if this is something you’re looking for. It might not be a grand, Olympic-sized pool, but it’s perfect for a place to cool off after a day of sunbathing. The hotel itself is decorated with a modern interior and has spacious rooms that avoid the sensation of being crammed in that so many hotels suffer from these days. The staff are particularly noteworthy, too, ensuring that a quality service is the core takeaway for anyone staying at the central location.

Novotel Hotel

While the Novotel Hotel is not the most glamorous of the hotels on this list, it has a benefit that no other can achieve: a glorious view of the Tisza river. With its terrace overlooking the river, there are few places to stay in the city that can give you a clear view of a romantic sunset (or sunrise). It includes a number of important amenities—from a sauna and gym to a pool table and a decent buffet breakfast—and so can cater for a wide number of needs.

City Hotel Szeged

It’s true that City Hotel Szeged doesn’t manage the suavity or grandeur of its competition, but its rooms are modestly sized and well-kept, with a restaurant, bar and cafe downstairs that’s more than able to cater suitably for a spot of romance. It’s one of the cheaper offerings available, though, and therefore is quite the pick for the budget-conscious couple. The real winner is the rooftop terrace that provides a chilled place to hang out in the evening with a pleasant—and yet quiet—view over the city.

Science Hotel

As certainly one of the more inventively decorated hotels in Szeged, the Science Hotel might be a better option for those who prefer boutique accommodation rather than tried-and-true contemporary decoration. It doesn’t have a restaurant, but with its fantastically relaxed lobby area—a place where it’s totally plausible to just while away the hours with your love—there’s a certain originality to a stay here. It is new, modern and original, and easily a top pick for couples who care about staying in places with a bit of personality.

Science Hotel hosts one of the more impressive lobbies of the city | Courtesy of Science Hotel

Mozart Hotel

That fine balance between vintage chic and old fashioned might be pushed to its limits with Mozart Hotel, but there’s no denying that there’s a certain degree of class about its environments. By dedicating the hotel to famed composer Mozart—but with no real connection to him—the rooms manage to wear their olden day vibe with panache. The result is a suitably elegant place with a central location, friendly service and a much more personal, intimate visit than other hotels of the area can manage.

Art Hotel Szeged

Everything about Art Hotel Szeged is contemporary, with fresh, modern furniture, newly fitted beds and clean colours and environments—and all without having to shell out a fortune. Best of all is its large glass windows (something of a rarity in Szeged) that allow in a lot of light into the bedrooms and corridors. It also includes a restaurant worthy of five-stars for an affordable price, a sauna and gym and many rooms even come with their own balconies for a view of the nearby cathedral.

Art Hotel is centrally located and features all of the facilities you'd hope for from a modern hotel like this | Courtesy of Art Hotel Szeged

Soleil Apartman Szeged

Though there is a more traditional hotel environment available at the same place, the Soleil Apartman Szeged also offers live-in places with their own cooking facilities. They’re clean, new and yet simply decorated, which only helps add to the sense of homeliness. The building is a residential block converted into hotel accommodation, and as such they’re as comfortable as you might hope your own home to be. A clean, secluded and newly renovated courtyard creates a really relaxed setting in the summer months thanks to a number of plush outdoor seating areas.

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