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Szeged, Hungary | © Mohamed Nanabhay/Flickr
Szeged, Hungary | © Mohamed Nanabhay/Flickr
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The Best Places to Stay in Szeged, Hungary

Picture of Adam Barnes
Updated: 26 October 2017
As the third most populated city in Hungary, Szeged naturally has a number of reasons to visit – from museums of famous Hungarian sausage makers to relaxing in the thermal baths. And if you decide to travel, you’ll need somewhere suitable to stay; there are a number of choices, but these are the very best.
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Tiszavirág Hotel

Sitting in the dead centre of the city is this historic building, a four-star hotel that was once a commercial-civic house for a law practice before becoming state-owned in the Soviet era. Despite its high rating, the hotel manages to avoid feeling too stuffy, and retains a cozy, home-like atmosphere to every area of the building. There’s a sauna, steam and salt rooms and tepidarium to relax in, while the restaurant – which is also frequented by those not staying at the Tiszavirág – is one of the best contemporary dining options in the city. Each of the rooms, meanwhile, manage to retain their own identity both in terms of size and style, but still radiate a comforting, homey vibe.

Tiszavirág Hotel, Hajnóczy utca 1, 6722, Szeged, Hungary, +36 62 554 888


Each of Tiszavirág’s rooms are uniquely decorated, and exceptionally cozy – Courtesy of Tiszavirág Hotel | © Tiszavirág Hotel

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Hétvezér Penthouse Apartments

If home-like is what you’re after, then an apartment from this set might be a better option. Though it is located a little further out from the city, Hétvezér Apartments is still within walking distance while providing all the utilities and benefits that you might get at home: an oven, a kettle and a washing machine, the sort of things that might make your life a little easier when on holiday. The apartments themselves are newly renovated to a good standard with modern decor and furniture. There’s even the potential for a terrace in some of the apartments, too, which is pleasant in the warmer months to sit outside and look out over the city.

Hétvezér Penthouse Apartments, Hetvezer utca 31, 6724, Szeged, Hungary, +36 30 976 7089

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Art Hotel Szeged

There aren’t many modern buildings like this in Szeged, which immediately makes this glass construct stand out. In fact, since all rooms feature tall windows there’s no chance you’ll find yourself hidden away in a shadowy corner, and with the city cathedral sitting prominently opposite the hotel there’s certainly a reason to gaze out of those big panes. It’s elegant and classy throughout, too, with amenities like a sauna and a gym to round out the package.

Art Hotel Szeged, Somogyi utca 16, 6720, Szeged, Hungary, +36 62 592 888


Art Hotel is centrally located and features all of the facilities you’d hope for from a modern hotel – Courtesy of Art Hotel Szeged | Courtesy of Art Hotel Szeged

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Novotel Hotel

While admittedly there isn’t much of cultural value to the Szeged outfit of the hotel chain, it still manages to remain one of the best choices for those vacationing in the City of Sunshine. A large part of this is the view, since the building sits beside the banks of the Tisza river, making for a pleasant scene when waking up and made all the more pleasing with an excellent coffee and pastry for breakfast. It doesn’t manage to reach beyond the chain’s reputation in absolutely every aspect, but the service is impeccable and the beds comfortable – the basics, at least, more than covered. It’s centrally located, too, but far enough from the immediate centre to avoid the problems of students enjoying the city’s selection of bars.

Novotel Hotel Szeged, Maros u. 1, 6721, Szeged, Hungary, +36 62 562 200

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Science Hotel

The quirky theme of this hotel – which shouldn’t be hard to figure out – doesn’t stop it from remaining stylish and dignified, either. The rooms themselves are plastered with chalkboard style scribblings while the rest of the hotel is all glass, oak panels and leather-wrapped chairs. It’s a hotel with one of those oh-so-rare treats; a lobby that is actually worth spending time relaxing in. Alongside one of the better breakfasts for a hotel in the city and you’re left with a quirky hotel that might not match the high-end style of somewhere like Tiszavirág but still manages to feel special.

Science Hotel, Petőfi Sándor sgrt. 17, 6722, Szeged, Hungary, +36 62 669 088


Science Hotel hosts one of the more impressive lobbies of the city – Courtesy of Science Hotel | Courtesy of Science Hotel

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Stefánia Stúdió Apartmanok

Hungary has really taken to the concept of renting out apartments since the rise of Airbnb, and Szeged is no different. While there are naturally a number of options available in this regard, this set of apartments located at the end of the central park combines the cozy feel of staying in a genuine Hungarian apartment, but with the modern conveniences that most Hungarians probably don’t have access to – the infrared sauna in the bathroom being one of them. The apartments are decorated with a modern yet basic style, well-kept and clean. Better than all that, however, is the hosts, who really ensure your stay is as comfortable as they can make it.

Stefánia Stúdió Apartmanok, Arany János utca 1, 6720 Szeged, Hungary, +36 20 405 0138