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Courtesy of Szputnyik Shop
Courtesy of Szputnyik Shop
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The Best Flea Markets and Thrift Stores in Budapest

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Updated: 29 August 2017
Alongside its quirky ruin pubs and penchant for unusual trends, Budapest is also a haven of vintage shops and interesting markets. Hand-curated collections of clothing and accessories, eclectic arrays of antiques and other interesting finds, communist-era mementos and much more can be found at the second-hand retail outlets. Here are some of the best in the city.
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Ecseri Market

Ecseri is one of Budapest’s largest flea markets and is a treasure trove of unique items and vintage finds. Its sheer size means there’s plenty on offer, from antique jewellery to relics of the communist era. Simply taking a walk around to check out the many stalls is an experience worth having. Open every day, arrive early to grab the best items, and when you see something you like, don’t be afraid to bargain!

Ecseri Market, Nagykőrösi út 156, Budapest, Hungary, +36 (1) 348 3200

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A well curated store in the heart of the city, Retrock is a vintage shopper’s paradise. The spacious shop is home to a range of items, including designer pieces and bargain finds. There’s also a rotating collection of limited-edition clothing by young designers from around the world. Featuring both men’s and women’s fashion, it’s a must visit boutique.

Retrock, Anker köz 2-4, Budapest, Hungary, +36 (30) 472 3636

Retrock Vintage Shop

Retrock Vintage Shop/Alexandra Mackintosh

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This large thrift store in Budapest’s Jewish District mixes vintage items with modern pieces to create a unique space with a quirky and eclectic product range. Aiming to provide one-of-a-kind styles, Szputnyik was born of the belief that fashion is a means of self-expression, and the store is a haven of clothing and accessories which vary from vintage classics to contemporary designs. Those who can’t make it to the store should check out the online shop.

Szputnyik, Dohány u. 20, Budapest, Hungary, +36 20 281 5410

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A small, home-style vintage store with a hand-picked range of clothing and accessories, this is the place to go for the personal touch. The knowledgeable staff are ready to help with any queries, and the collection of items on offer follow no one style, making for a varied selection of stylish and diverse pieces. It’s also something of a community space, with events organised regularly.

Antifactory, Paulay Ede u. 43, Budapest, Hungary, +36 (20) 255 6228

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Gozsdu Weekend Market

Held in the charming covered area of Gozsdu Courtyard, this weekly Sunday market is worth a visit, if only for its location; set among the bars and restaurants of a popular walkway in the city centre, it’s a picturesque place to spend a morning browsing the stalls offering antiques, jewellery, art and more.

Gozsdu Weekend Market, Király u. 13, Budapest, Hungary

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With a number of stores across the city, including a vintage boutique in District V with a reputation as one of the city’s best (and cheapest!), this thrift store chain is one of the most popular in Budapest. It’s known for affordable prices and regularly changing stock, which means there’s always something new to be found among the shoes, clothing and accessories on display. A great place to grab a bargain!

Humana Vintage Butik, Károly krt. 8, Budapest, Hungary,+36 (30) 278 6288

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A real mish-mash of vintage clothing and accessories, with a few antiques thrown in for good measure, this homely shop in downtown Budapest is a must for vintage lovers. Affordable classics such as distressed denim and leather backpacks stand alongside pieces from current designers. There are even the occasional traditional Hungarian folk items to be found. Stock is replenished on a regular basis, so there’s always something new to see.

Ludovika, Rumbach Sebestyén u. 15, Budapest, Hungary

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