The Best Budget Airbnb's in Budapest

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Updated: 5 November 2017
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The competition for Airbnb hosts in Budapest is at its peak, which means there’s a huge selection of fantastic, modern apartments ready to stay in at incredibly low prices. More than any equivalent European capital, it makes no sense to rent a hotel here when you can stay at home while on holiday for a pittance.

Gallery room close to many restaurants

Yes this place is a tiny box of a place, but with a gallery for the bed – typical for a lot of Budapest residents living in downtown – the space is utilised well. It’s decorated with contemporary, practical furnishings, has everything you might need and is well looked after. It’s very close to Ráday Street, too, which isn’t hugely popular for tourism but still features a number of great choices to dine at – even a Michelin-starred restaurant, if you feel like spending the savings made here on something special.

Budapest’s City Park becomes a huge ice rink in winter

Studio apartment close to Heroes Square

Perhaps a better option for Christmas, this one. It’s not too centrally located, though the M1 metro and Andrássy Avenue are close enough that it’ll take no effort or time to get anywhere downtown. No, this apartment benefits from its proximity to City Park that, during the Christmas period, turns its boating lake into an ice skating rink, the biggest outdoor ice rink in Europe, in fact, and an especially gorgeous reason to visit Budapest at Christmas. And though the apartment is sparsely decorated it’s still clean, comfortable and – most importantly – cheap.

Buda side loft apartment close to the Danube

If you’d prefer to stay on the quieter side of the city then you’ll have fewer options for budget accommodation since Buda is notoriously more expensive than the busier downtown of Pest. With a lot of stained oak and comfy armchairs, this place has a very cozy decor that will instantly make you feel at home in the Hungarian capital. It’s barely any distance from the banks of the Danube, too, and a short, romantic stroll towards the beautiful Chain Bridge.

Quaintly decorated apartment by Vaci Street

If you’re aiming for budget then you often don’t get such high quality presentation, but the Parisian flair of this apartment makes for a cute, homely place that could be perfect for a romantic weekend break. It’s close to Vaci Street, the shopping district of Budapest with a slew of big-name brands across the spectrum of prices. This means your choice of dining establishments and bars, of course, but since the area is heavily affected by tourism you’ll likely be glad of the savings on accommodation.

Great Market Hall (Nagyvásárcsarnok), Budapest

Buda side place close to Margaret Island

If you’re a fan of running – even on holiday – then this might be a great option for you. Not only is the apartment clean, cozy and well-kept, but it’s close to Margaret Bridge and, therefore, Margaret Island. The former is quite a pleasant sight at night once it lights up, and the area on the Buda side was recently renovated to provide a calmer pedestrianised area. Then there’s the island itself, which features a huge park with a 5km running track, swimming pool, Japanese garden and a couple of restaurants. It’s a great place to be near, especially in the summer.

Short walk from Keleti Station

If, like so many, you’re coming into Budapest by train, then you might consider opting for this location. The area surrounding the major station is known to be a little rougher, especially to the northeast, so knowing this apartment exists in a quieter, more pleasant part of the area close to your incoming destination might give you reason to breathe a little easier. It is admittedly cramped when compared to some of the other options on this list, but it has everything you might need and is well-kept.

Saint Stephen’s Basilica

Big apartment opposite the Basilica

This is a seven-person apartment, and while they do essentially charge per person it still manages to remain one of the cheaper options in the city, even cheaper than many hostel dorms, which – considering the facilities available here – is quite a boon. Not to mention the central location of the place basically sitting beside St Stephen’s Basilica, the grandest and arguably most iconic building of Budapest’s many historic landmarks. This area is home to a cute mini-market at Christmas, but it’d be suitable any time of year thanks to the close transport connections and centralised location that means everything is on your doorstep.

The one for the view

This apartment is one of the more expensive ones on the list, and it is hard to avoid the fact that the interior decoration is admittedly a little old and garish. But all the same it is still affordable, very well-kept and in a more recently renovated building and is nothing if not homely. The real benefit is the view, however, with a balcony that’ll allow you to bask in a gorgeous sunset beyond Gellért hill or wake up to the Danube flowing by.

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