The Best Breakfast and Brunch Spots in Szeged

Courtesy of A2 Gastro Caffe
Courtesy of A2 Gastro Caffe
Known as the City of Sunshine, Szeged has a reputation for spending beautiful days relaxing by the Tisza river. What better way to enjoy clear skies and the company of friends than at any of these outstanding places?

Roosevelt Square Halászcsárda

Restaurant, Hungarian, $$$

Szeged is famous for its fish, the city having grown out of the fishermen that work the Tisza river. As a result, you’ll spot many a halászcsárda throughout the city, the word literally meaning “fisherman’s inn” but is better translated to a modern-day equivalent of simply “fish restaurant.” This restaurant at Roosevelt Square is an especially good choice; as one of the oldest of such places in Szeged, it’s built up quite a name for itself. With a perfect location overlooking the grassy square and near to the river itself, there are few better places to try traditional fish soup.

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Lobby Cafe

Cafe, Bistro, Contemporary, Coffee, European, Italian, $$$
The classy interior of Lobby Cafe really makes brunch here feel special
The classy interior of Lobby Cafe really makes brunch here feel special | Courtesy of Lobby Cafe

Everything about Lobby Cafe oozes attention to detail. Whether it’s the ornately crafted dishes or the modern, elegant, but unforced interior design, it’s a place that is impossible not to appreciate. Its portions are small but with filling ingredients to make it practically perfect for a late breakfast, especially considering the quality of the meals available. It’s an eclectic place, too, capable of fulfilling any need, whether that’s full meals, simple salads, or just a coffee and a cake.

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Dock Cafe

Bar, Cafe, Contemporary, European, $$$

With a central location at Szeged’s Klauzál Square, it’d be easy for Dock Cafe to bank on its positioning and not have to try very hard, but it more than manages to stand out, as much for the team’s effort as the convenient spot. It’s not an expensive place, but it still manages to provide a good range of food and coffee at a high standard. It’s particularly popular with the students of the city thanks to its stable Wi-Fi, which might be an important factor for your own brunch. Best of all, there’s no concern if you spend thirty minutes here or three hours.

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Cafe, Restaurant, Contemporary, $$$

This place is closed by noon most days, which partly highlights its strengths as a breakfast or brunch place. With a handy spot located just off the main square of the city, it’s well-suited to those heading in or out of the center before getting on with the day. Kelesztő offers the typical sort of food you’d expect to see at a breakfast and brunch place, but we recommend the eggs, sausage, and toast. It might not sound especially Hungarian, but their Debreceni-style sausages are a great way of starting the day.

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Öreg Körössy Halászcsárda

Restaurant, Hungarian, Soup, $$$

We’ve already recommended the best spot for a fish soup in Szeged, but this place is a little further out from the city. It’s well worth the trip, however, it doesn’t open until 11 a.m. so it’s pushing it a bit for brunch. It sits right by the Tisza river, though, so on a good day it’s hard not to enjoy the typical Hungarian cuisine (of course it’s the fish soup that is important here) as the sound of slowly moving water accompanies the meal.

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Corso Cafe

Cafe, Pub Grub, $$$
Corso is a favorite among the Szegedi thanks to its reasonable prices, central location, and friendly, efficient staff. It caters for every range of visitor, from the groups looking to meet for brunch to the sole student or remote worker looking for some solace with just their laptop. It’s an uncomplicated place and there is no fuss about it, a fact that is carried through to its simple but pleasant décor and food.
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Oliva Bisztro

Restaurant, Contemporary, European, $$$

Trendy black and white furniture, fancy outdoor terrace, and dishes that are just as stylish are the key aspects of Oliva Bisztro. Though it is further out from the dead center of Szeged, it’s still within the ring road that surrounds the city proper and so within walking distance. And it’s definitely worth hunting down, too, since the food is all crafted with a keen sense of quality and precision. It’s not fine dining by any stretch but it will, at least, provide a brunch that feels worth your time.

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Sörfaló Söröző és Lángosozó

Restaurant, Hungarian, $$$

There aren’t many places to get the Hungarian fried dough delicacy that is lángos in Szeged, but if you are craving this fatty treat—perhaps you’re in need of a hangover cure—then this is the place to go. Naturally, you shouldn’t expect anything gourmet here, but what you will get is the right sort of greasy dishes that hit the spot for an incredibly fair price alongside a pleasant view of Szeged’s attractive water tower.

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A2 - Gastro Caffe

Bistro, Cafe, Contemporary, Coffee, $$$
One of the newer cafes in Szeged could well be one of the best, too
One of the newer cafes in Szeged could well be one of the best, too | Courtesy of A2 Gastro Caffe

If you really need to start the day right then there is no better option than A2. It has a trendy, chilled aesthetic, but there’s nothing relaxed about the cafe’s soups or sandwiches: this place means business. It’s the high level of quality that stands out the most, with some incredible treats—such as the egg and Serrano ham sandwich—that’s bound to give you a head-start for the rest of the day. It’s one of the newer places in the city, but it’ll be around for a while yet.

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