The 8 Best Cafes in Szentendre

The central church in Szentendre
The central church in Szentendre | Adam Barnes
Photo of Adam Barnes
10 May 2018

Located only a short train ride from Budapest, the quaint artist town of Szentendre is the perfect escape for those looking to ditch the city life – however temporarily – for a bit of peace and quiet. What better way to find a bit of relaxation than to while away the hours in any of these great cafes?

Kedves Kávézó

Cafe, Contemporary, $$$
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Good for coffee, good for cakes, good for bigger meals: Kedves Kávézó caters to all needs. Its central location means it doesn’t have to try hard to attract customers, but with plenty of outdoor seating on the main pedestrian street and great quality kávé, it’s easy to see why so many choose to come back.

Folt kávézó

Cafe, Contemporary, $$$
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It takes something special to feel hidden away in a town like Szentendre, which already feels pretty remote. Folt is perhaps the personification of the town, with many local artists coming here for their daily coffees (or evening fröccs) and to socialise with other artisans. In its secluded spot in the centre of town, Folt feels like a little secret all its own.

La Mocca Cafe

Cafe, Contemporary
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Whether it’s the Italian influence or simply the talented baristas, La Mocca is perhaps the best place in Szentendre if all you want is a good cup of coffee. It imports beans from all sorts of places – Ethiopia, El Salvador, Columbia – but there is a wide selection of teas and lemonades, as well. The outdoor seating in the pedestrian zone of the street only adds to the value of the place.

Adria Cafe

Restaurant, Greek, $$$
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The outside seating area at Szentendre's Adria Cafe | © Adria Cafe

Szentendre has a great deal of Balkan influence, specifically after a large group of Serbians migrated to its streets years ago. This influence explains the numerous cafes like Adria Cafe that serve Balkan-style food. While it is essentially a restaurant for such dishes, its staff will gladly serve up a simple coffee from its wide variety of beverages. Adria Cafe realised a long time ago that many patrons visit simply to enjoy the pleasant view of a stream that trickles down into the Danube. This is a great place to relax and try new cuisine.

Szamos Marzipan Museum

Cafe, Dessert
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While the Marzipan Museum isn’t exactly a destination that tourists will want to leave Budapest for, it’s certainly a worthwhile place to visit if you’re already exploring Szentendre. The fact that you can end the tour in the adjoining cafe and sample some of its treats, like the popular Hungarian chocolate brand, Szamos, only makes the visit more worthwhile.

Kacsakő Bisztró

Bar, Cafe, Food Kiosk, Contemporary, $$$
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By sitting on the edge of town on the grass beside the Danube, Kacsakő Bisztró has built itself a unique, chilled-out vibe. With deckchairs and tables (if you need something more sturdy to put your wine glass on) by the water, it’s a place that allows people to just sit and relax. It certainly has its own trendy atmosphere, but getting a coffee and a bite to eat won’t get much more serene in Szentendre.

Művész Étterem és Kávézó

Cafe, Restaurant, Contemporary, $$$
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The evening cocktail bar at Művész in Szentendre | © Művész Étterem és Kávézó

With a name that means ‘artist’, you might expect Művész to have a little more artistry about it. This is not the case. However, the traditional interior maintains a classic sense of a place where artists may once have frequented. Nowadays it’s more well-known for its grilled meats and vegetables served in the summer, but the outdoor seating is open to all that might want to sit for a spell.

Le Petit

Cafe, Contemporary
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The French naming doesn’t seem to have any relevance to the food or drink offered at Le Petit, but the white walls, the seating beside a really cool tree and the location in a tidy corner at the end of Szentendre’s long pedestrian street definitely gives it an air of Provence. This is a great choice to end your day’s exploration around the town.