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The 10 Best Restaurants In Pécs, Hungary
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The 10 Best Restaurants In Pécs, Hungary

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Updated: 9 February 2017
Pécs, in the south-west of Hungary, close to the Mecsek Mountains, is the fifth largest city in the country. It is home to a huge range of restaurants offering delicious traditional and modern Hungarian cuisine. From historically intriguing restaurants to modern, award winning diing experiences, visitors are spoilt for choice when it comes to eating out. We pick the top 10 restaurants Pécs has to offer.
Tettye Restaurant
Classic Vienna-style beef goulash I | ©Rkolarsky/wikipedia
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Cellárium Étterem

Found in the centre of downtown Pécs, sits a charming little restaurant known for its good food, friendly atmosphere and fascinating setting. Cellárium Étterem is located eight metres below ground in a Turkish catacomb dating back to the occupation of the 16th-17th century. The restaurant is split into a number of rooms, including a dining room, pub and even a small room called the ‘beer addict’ which plays host to live musical entertainment every weekend. The result is a buzzing atmosphere every weekend which really does cater for everyone, history buffs can even visit an exhibition showcasing the history of hospitality within Pécs. Combine all of this with reasonable prices and delicious food, and this restaurant is a sure-fire hit.

Hunyadi János u. 2, Pécs, Hungary +36 72 314 596

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Almalomb prides itself on its good food and a relaxed, family orientated atmosphere. It’s unique setting places it within a 19th century watermill. Although no longer in use, visitors are welcome to visit the mill’s museum, which aims to inform and educate people about the history of the building. In keeping with the unusual setting, the restaurant bakes its own bread on-site and is even home to a small shop where customers can taste and buy the mill’s own products. The menu prides itself on natural food using the freshest ingredients, and service that is friendly and professional. The restaurant also occasionally hosts live music events, check their website for upcoming acts.

Hosszúhetény, Ormándi u. 19, Pécs, Hungary +36 72 793 680

Zsolnay Restaurant and Cafe
Gyugyi zsolnay collection I | ©KovacsDaniel/wikicommons
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Zsolnay Restaurant And Cafe

Located in Péc’s Cultural Quarter, Zsolnay Restaurant and Café is found on the grounds of the old Zsolnay porcelain factory. Pécs is well known for its Zsolnay ceramics, and what better way to really soak up this heritage than at a restaurant dedicated to the designer Vilmos Zsolnay? Despite only opening in autumn of 2014, this place has already been awarded the title of ‘Best Provincial Restaurant’. Traditional dishes are served with a modern twist giving diners a true taste of Pécs.

Zsolnay Cultural Quarter, Zsolnay Vilmos street, Pécs, Hungary +36 1 889 3900

Jókai Bisztró
Jokai ter Pecs I | ©korom/wikicommons
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Jókai Bisztró

Jókai Bisztró is located on Jókai Square in Pécs, arguably one of the most beautiful squares in the city. The menu features a number of seasonal dishes, all proudly made with quality, local ingredients, many of which are also grown by the restaurant itself. However, what makes Jókai Bisztró special is it’s no frills menu. The menu is short but precise, serving simple cuisine which reflects Pécs’ traditional and regional cooking style. This restaurant is very popular with its professional service and excellent food. Customers can sit outside on the terrace, overlooking Jókai Square (a popular spot during the summer months).

Jókai Tér 6, Pécs, Hungary +36 20 3607337

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Tettye Restaurant

Arguably one of the best restaurants in Pécs, Tettye Restaurant was opened in 1986 by the Maszler family. Named after the Muslim monks (the tekke), this restaurant embraces the history and culture of its country. A range of wonderful dishes are served, from meats and fish to the more traditional dishes of goulash, paprika stew and pörkölt, making this the ideal spot for visitors who wish to try authentic Hungarian cuisine. With the patio area seating 250 people and the inside area seating 130, there is plenty of room to enjoy the food and the live music.

Tettye tér 4, Pécs, Hungary +36 72 532 788

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Aranykacsa Étterem

Located in downtown Pécs, Aranykacsa Étterem is situated in an ideal and central spot. It boasts of its use of fresh, local ingredients and there are three different dining rooms within the restaurant available for use depending on the occasion. Also host to a wine tasting program for some of the country’s finest wines, Aranykacsa Étterem provides an air of sophistication in the centre of the city. Courses range from steak dishes to salmon, making this a popular place among both locals and visitors. As the recipient of a number of awards including the Euro-Excellence Award, Prix Award and CEUCO Awards, this restaurant is held in high regard.

Teréz u. 4., Pécs, Hungary +36 72 518 860

Korhely Restaurant and Pub
Király Utca I | ©Craig Kaplan/Flickr
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Korhely Restaurant And Pub

The Korhely Restaurant and Pub is located in downtown Pécs in close proximity to the ever popular Király street. Tucked away under an archway, this restaurant provides a relaxed atmosphere with a range of courses. Dishes include everything from steaks to more traditional cuisine such as goulash. This restaurant is definitely a hidden gem with both locals and tourists frequently returning. There is also a large selection of local wines and beers for customers to try; enjoy them on the terrace, open between early spring and late autumn. Worth a visit for those who wish to experience a restaurant with a thriving, laid-back atmosphere.

Boltív köz 2, Pécs, Hungary

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Pezsgöház Étterem

Considered to be one of the most elegant restaurants in Pécs, Pezsgöház Étterem serves a number of fine Hungarian dishes alongside some of the country’s best wines and champagnes. The restaurant is situated within a former champagne factory which was built in 1859. The building was renovated in 1890 and in 1999, a few years after the closing of the factory, it was reopened as a fine dining restaurant. Dishes are organised seasonally according to the types of ingredients available, and service is polite and efficient.

Szent István tér 1, Pécs, Hungary, +36 72 522 599

Rundó Restaurant and Bar
Szeged goulash from pork I | ©Rkolarsky/wikipedia
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Rundó Restaurant And Bar

Opened in 1994, the Rundó Restaurant and Bar is located within a bourgeois house dating back to the 18th century. This restaurant is full of character and individuality, yet maintains an air of sophistication and modernity. Hungarian cuisine is the specialty, with meals including goulash and paprika stew, prepared with a fusion of traditional and modern techniques. The restaurant can seat up to 100 customers with a garden area that accommodates up to 60 people between spring and autumn, a lovely way to spend the evening.

Citrom u. 16, Pécs, Hungary +36 72 214 709

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Tuke Borhaz

Despite only opening in 2010, this restaurant has found popularity with many people in Pécs. Tuke Borhaz specialises some of the best local wines Pécs has to offer. Duck and pork are among a number of dishes served here which are cooked with fresh and locally sourced ingredients. The menu is quite short, as the restaurant aims to create dishes with quality and not quantity in mind. Reservations are advisable as it is a very popular restaurant and comes with extremely high recommendations.

Bockh Janos u, 39/2, Pecs, Hungary +36 20 317 8178