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Olympic rings at Olimpia Park in Budapest | © Flickr/José Manuel García
Olympic rings at Olimpia Park in Budapest | © Flickr/José Manuel García
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Not Everyone in Budapest Wants to Host the 2024 Olympics

Picture of Michael LoRé
Sports Editor
Updated: 22 February 2017
The Olympic Games are the pinnacle of the global sporting world. To put on such a spectacle takes a lot of time, planning and, most importantly, money. While many nations and cities take immense pride in being a host, there is usually opposition to such a title.

The International Olympic Committee will name the host for the 2024 Games in September, and there is a good number of people in Budapest who hope the capital of Hungary isn’t named the winner. Hungarian political group Momentum has collected more than 266,000 signatures as part of their NOlimpia petition campaign to force a referendum on whether the city continues bidding for the right to host the Games.

Budapest, Los Angeles and Paris are the three finalists.

It isn’t just those in favor of Momentum who don’t want the Games in Budapest. A poll by the Republikon Institute concluded 44 percent of Hungarians are against the Olympic bid, 25 percent are for it, and the rest are undecided.

While the Games can bring in massive amounts of money and resources to an economy, it also has negative side effects — just look at the decaying stadiums in Rio de Janeiro following the 2016 Summer Games in Brazil; the first Olympics to be hosted in South America.

Momentum would prefer the billions of dollars necessary to build facilities and host the games go toward improving healthcare and education, or combating hunger and poverty.