Hungary For Pastries, The Best Bakeries In Budapest

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9 February 2017

Hungarian cuisine is beloved for being rich, creamy and heavy on the meat and paprika. But no meal is complete without a perfect pastry, and Budapest has a spectacular array of cukrászda (pastry shop) options. Pastry in Hungary is given the utmost respect. Pastries represent the good life and with the capital’s café culture thriving, pastry art is flourishing. We discover five of the best places in Budapest for beautiful baked treats.

Molnar’s kurtos | Courtesy of Molnar’s Kurtoskalacs

Molnar’s Kurtoscalaks

The first treat worthy of mentioning is the​ kurtos. It is a soft doughy curl, with the outside covered in sugar, cinnamon, cocoa, or coconut. While these can be found in stands all over the city, and there are many stalls in the markets, the best are Molnar’s​. These people are clearly passionate about their dessert, offering samples and free tastes so you pick your perfect match. In addition to their legendary kurtos, there are dazzling options for coffee, hot chocolate and even ice cream which perfectly compliment the warm dessert.
Molnar’s, Vaci utca 31, Budapest, Hungary

Ruszwurm's Kremes: Photo courtesy of
Kremes | Courtesy of Ruszwurm


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Daubner | © Yelkrokoyade/Wikicommons
For traditional Hungarian pastries, ​Ruszwurm ​is a definite must-visit. A hit since 1827, this cozy sweet shop is beloved by locals and travelers ​alike​. Their classical cream pastry is their iconic treat, with the same perfect recipe used for 173 years. Kremes are a Hungarian delicacy and Ruszwurm’s fluffy crunchy version is delectable. The decor is antique, exemplified by the pre­-war counter, still serving quality treats after all the changes the city has experienced.

Daubner Cukraszda

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Located slightly outside the bustling city center is the busiest pastry shop in Budapest. They serve a wide variety of exquisite cakes and cookies. The queue often stretches outside but the wait is well worth it. In addition to their more elaborate treats, Daubner has an excellent selection of​ beigli​, rolls stuffed with poppy seeds and walnut.

Gerbeaud Cukrászda

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Probably the most ​famous, ​as well as the most sophisticated confectioners in Budapest, is​ Gerbeaud​. Started by Henrik Kugler, a talented man born into a family of pastry aficionados, and continued by Emil Gerbeaud, this shop has seen many different eras and remained a dignified giant of sweets throughout. It’s elegant decor is reminiscent of its varied past as the center of everything luxurious and grand since the 1800s. It is hailed as one of​ Europe’s​ best coffee shops and for good reason.

Auguszt Cukraszda

This cukrászda has persevered across the years and remains a paragon of Hungarian pastries. While new branches have been opened, the original Auguszt lies in​ Buda​ and has survived​ a multitude of tribulations. It was destroyed by a bomb in the Second World War, then during the communist era was controlled by the state. In 1957, the Auguszt family reopened their business and, to this day, the name is a legend.
Auguszt, Kossuth Lajos utca , Budapest, Hungary