The First Cannabis-based Tea Produced by a Greek Company is Here

Hemp tea from KannaBio Hemp Cooperative
Hemp tea from KannaBio Hemp Cooperative | © KannaBio Hemp Cooperative
That’s right, for a few months now, you can buy cannabis-based tea cultivated and produced in Greece. Established in 2016 with the objective of highlighting potential uses for cannabis and secure an ecological and organic cultivation of EU-certified plants, KannaBio hopes to foster the development of a sustainable hemp industry and the production of products of high quality while protecting the environment.

KannaBio Hemp tea is an organic, all-natural tea blend 100% made in Greece, containing leaves and fruits from hemp plants cultivated in Magnesia, Thessaly. Extremely rich in cannabidiol (CBD and CBDa 9.16%), it has a low THC (the substance that makes you high) content (less than 0,2%) making it an excellent alternative for treatment targeting chronic pain, insomnia, nausea, headaches and migraines, as well as regulating blood pressure and cholesterol.

KannaBio's hemp tea © KannaBio Hemp Cooperative

But the tea is not the only product sold by KannaBio. You will also find hemp floral water, organic hemp essential oil, hemp balm recommended for musculoskeletal problems and hemp wax that can be used for a plethora of skin-related issues. Thanks to these products, KannaBio hopes to penetrate the world market of cannabis-based products while contributing to the reduction of unemployment in Greece thanks to the creation of new job opportunities. And they may actually be successful as throughout the country, cannabis cultivation and production for medical purposes could certainly be a growth industry since the country enjoys a warm and dry climate, ideal for the plant.

Hemp plant fields in Magnesia © KannaBio Hemp Cooperative

In fact, cannabis cultivation and use are nothing new in Greece. Even in ancient Greece, historian Herodotus often recalls the use of the plant by Scythian tribes, who used to populate the territory of northern Greece and Asia Minor. Furthermore, ropes made of hemp have been found in tombs in northern Greece, which led historians to believe the plant was used for garment-making. However, the recreational use of cannabis is quite limited, though it seems the seeds were sometimes used as an intoxicant. Dioscorides, a physician from around the 70 CE records the hemp plant in his pharmacopoeia, as the plant use as a medicine was widespread throughout the nation. In fact, the leaves were used for ailments such as nosebleeds.

This growing interest for hemp, reinforced by the recent legislation of cannabis for therapeutic purposes, had led to the rise of many initiatives and actions, including the first International Cannabis Expo in Greece. Taking place in January 2018 in Athens, the event had the desire to inform the general public about the developments and innovations in the world of cannabis as well as the latest achievements in its medical, pharmaceutical and industrial uses.

Displaying the range of products by KannaBio Hemp Cooperative © KannaBio Hemp Cooperative