Top Places to Eat in Volos, Greece

Greek food | © Pixabay
Greek food | © Pixabay
Photo of Alex Skondras
22 March 2017

Volos is not only conveniently located for exploring Mount Pelion and the Sporades Islands, but it is also a renowned gastronomic attraction in Greece. Famous for being the home of the traditional tsipouradiko and serving also modern cuisine, restaurants in this seaside city are far more varied than appears at first glance.


In the city of Volos, there are the authentic tsipouradika located in the neighborhoods of Nea Ionia and Palia and the more accessible tsipouradika near the sea, the best of which is Papadis. Combining the atmosphere and scents of the sea with a variety of seafood, like octopus and shrimps, don’t forget to try the potato salad, tzatziki and taramosalata, all served with homemade or local tsipouro.

Papadis, Argonafton 6, Volos, Greece, +30 24210 29360

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Mezen | © Courtesy of Mezen
This refined restaurant is the result of constant experimentation with tsipouro and raw materials. Mezen (‘with Zen’) is a brilliant wordplay with the word mezes, because its philosophy is to be relaxed and take your time in order to enjoy exquisite food. It differs from the rest of tsipouradika in Volos, as its fusion cuisine intensifies with the correct order of mezedes, the right mixture of spices and flavors and the right choice of tsipouro. An experience worth indulging in.


Greek food with a modern twist. Ba.Ca.Re. combines the most incredible tastes—the traditional with modern influences and ideas—and staff make you feel at home. Refined cuisine, which satisfy a variety of tastes, from vegetarian and gluten-free to fish and meat lovers; try pasta with shrimps or salmon, and the best mushroom risotto in town.

Ba.Ca.Re., Skenderani 12, Volos, Greece, +30 24210 27000

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An atmospheric Cretan restaurant in Volos, with delicious Mediterranean flavors and multiple choices of wines and food. Cretan tastes at their peak—you simply must try its apaki pork, snails and lachanodolmades. Housed in a beautiful mansion on a pedestrian road in the neighborhood of Palia, Stafylos combines traditional food with modern Greek cuisine.

Sogno di San

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An authentic restaurant with a peaceful, cozy backyard in the neighborhood of Palia, it serves traditional Italian cuisine such delicious pasta and pizza. The owner of Sogno di San, Santina Castiglione is a free spirit and traveler, and this resonates in the food and atmosphere, which is rumbling with authentic flavors and perfect for a night to remember.


Located in the old Greek refugee neighborhood of Nea Ionia, this traditional tsipouradiko has withstood the test of time and harnesses all the food experiences that the sea depth has to offer. Sea anemones, oysters, smoked clams, fried squid, served with tsipouro in a small and cozy tavern, Demiris is synonymous with tradition and the history of tsipouro in Volos.

Demiris, Efremidou 23, Volos, Greece, +30 24210 66683

Petite Cantine

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La Petite Cantine Project, Volos
La Petite Cantine Project, Volos | Courtesy of La Petite Cantine Project
Located in a property with trees, aromatic plants, wooden picnic tables and retro chairs, Petite Cantine is different from the other restaurants because is the first to have only people with disabilities as staff members. The menu gives emphasis to Mediterranean cuisine—ingredients are taken from local farmers and the vegetables come straight from the garden, making this a unique experience.