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Greek food | © PixaBay
Greek food | © PixaBay
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The Top Restaurants In Chalandri, Athens

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Updated: 9 February 2017
When it comes to food and drinks, this northeastern suburb of Athens is undoubtedly a top destination. Featuring traditional eateries as well as new modern Mediterranean restaurants, Chalandri (or Halandri) has a plethora of options for food lovers. Here is a small list of the our top restaurants in this beloved neighbourhood.
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Taverna Kitsoulas

This family-run tavern is a legend in Chalandri. With a loyal clientele who always comes hungry, Kitsoulas serves traditional food at lunch time only, closing at 6 p.m. This humble place counts a killer stifado (rooster stew with onions), delicious stuffed zucchini, and mouth-watering moussaka and other classics of Greek cuisine on its menu. In the summer, tables spill out onto the sidewalk and the convivial atmosphere continues. Nothing fancy here, just a nice little tavern where you get to enjoy some ‘Greek soul food’, especially on Sundays.

Taverna Kitsoulas, Filikis Eterias 25, Chalandri, Greece +30 21 0681 4798


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Penny Lane Comfort Food

This laid-back eatery is the place that specializes in classic comfort food. With burgers, pizza and ribs served alongside killer cocktails, Penny Lane is a cozy and casual joint where you are sure to feel relaxed. Another selling point is the open kitchen where you can watch your fare being prepared and even catch a whiff of the inviting kitchen aromas. Ready to be comforted like you’re at the family table?

Penny Lane Comfort Food, Thoukididou 10, Chalandri, Greece +30 21 0680 0217

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Ancho Mexican Grill

The emergence of Mexican street food joints is a refreshing trend and Ancho, one of several veteran spots in Athens, is a place that does not need much introduction. Conceived of as a self-service food bar, Ancho offers savoury Tex-Mex flavors – think burritos, tacos, quesadillas, nachos, tortillas and chili con carne – and killer frozen margaritas. All in all, Ancho Mexican Grill is the place for a great lunch, or refueling after a great night out.

Ancho Mexican Grill, Kolokotroni & Gyftopoulou 9, Chalandri, Greece +30 210 680 1097

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Hide & Seek

Off the beaten path of bars and eateries of Chalandri, Hide & Seek stands out. Well, figuratively at least. This all-day bar & restaurant is actually a little hidden oasis off the busy Kifissias avenue, offering relaxation and entertainment with its beautiful and verdant courtyard. The bar is part of its success, but the food is equally as good. The menu features contemporary Mediterranean cuisine, gourmet snacks and salads paired with excellent music.

Hide & Seek, Kifissias Avenue 250-254, Chalandri, Greece +30 21 0677 6747

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Casa Del Toro

Casa Del Toro (The House Of The Bull) is a top destination for meat lovers, but not exclusively. This elegant restaurant with its earthy colors and warm atmosphere has a beautiful patio that opens in the summer time. In terms of food, expect meat, of course, with baby beef cuts, ribeye steaks, filet petit and osso buco. The menu also features seafood dishes, excellent salads and tasty appetizers. Oh, and on the plus side – the prices are surprisingly democratic. What’s not to love?

Casa Del Toro, Pentelis Avenue 41, Chalandri, Greece +30 210 6800972-3

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Chefi The Restaurant

We can all agree that a restaurant with the motto ‘People who like to eat are always the best people’ is a winner. Located in a renovated property a little off Chalandri main streets, Chefi is all about good food. The menu is creative, inspired by international cuisines, with items worth mentioning ranging from the seabass ceviche to fresh parpadelle tartufo, grilled pork and the spaghetti Caprese. Are you hungry yet?

Chefi, Perikleous 31, Chalandri, Greece +30 210 681 5774

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Tzitzikas & Mermigas

With several outposts around town (Syntagma, Kifissia and Patissia), O Tzitzikas kai o Mermigkas (the grasshopper and the ant) is a favorite in Athens. With a friendly, warm yet elegant vibe, the restaurant is conceived in the vein of a modern grocery store with hearty Greek cuisine. Have a go at the Mastihato (a tender chicken fillet served in a pastry nest with mastic sauce and bacon) or the vegetable mille-feuille with mastelo cheese. Pair your dish with a bottle of Ikosi wine, bottled in collaboration with Claudia Papagianni winery to celebrate the restaurant’s 20th anniversary.

Tzitzikas & Mermigas, Agiou Georgiou 26 & Aishylou, Chalandri, Greece +30 210 6810529