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Delicious Greek food | © Anna & Michal/Flickr
Delicious Greek food | © Anna & Michal/Flickr
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The Top 8 Restaurants In Psirri, Athens

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Updated: 9 February 2017
It is no wonder Psirri is finally getting some attention. This old neighborhood, conveniently located between Omonia and Monastiraki and the picturesque Plaka, is one the best district for a night out. The area is also dotted with excellent bars, intriguing antique shops and unique restaurants. Here’s a small list containing some of the top addresses you should visit for a delicious lunch or dinner.
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Zampano is a charming and inviting Greek bar and bistro located in Psirri, next door to its sister hotel, City Circus. The hotel guests enjoy breakfast on the premises, which is open to all and offers a great brunch formula. The chef takes a creative spin on traditional Greek cuisine, which is cooked with seasonal ingredients sourced from all over the country. The wine list is definitely worth a look and features the best products from leading wine-makers in Greece. Yet even if you are more into cocktails, know that the bar is definitely a winner in that department as well.

Zampano, Sarri 18, Athens, Greece, +30 213 023 3244

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In this charming oinopoleio (wine restaurant), wine holds the center stage. Family-run, Oinopoleio is a little tavern with a traditional semi-open kitchen and wooden tables, offering an authentic taste of what Greece is. Try the bouyourdi (oven baked feta cheese with vegetables) or the kleftiko (oven-cooked lamb with vegetables). Delicious… As for the wine, it comes straight from the family’s own vineyards and surely complements the food.

Oinopoleio, Aischylou 12, Athens, Greece, +30 213 008 1461

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Gostijo Kosher Restaurant

In case you didn’t know, Psirri has the only kosher restaurant in Athens. Gostijo is a place where you get to enjoy a tasty fusion of Israeli and Greek flavors created by Sephardi Jews since the 15th century. More than just a restaurant, Gostijo is a place where you can enjoy Sephardic culture and enjoy fresh food, such as sfoungato (fluffy omelets), the kosher moussaka or the leek fritters (keftes de puerro). In the summer months, you can even dine al fresco in the courtyard.

Gostijo, Esopou 10, Athens, Greece, +30 210 323 3825

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Dubbed the Indian souvlaki place, Mirch is excellent for an introduction to Indian food. Also perfect if you need a break from Greek food. Mirch’s menu features Indian dishes (chicken tikka masala, saag paneer, naans…) but also souvlakia, which are are the best option for a bite on the go.

Mirch, Ermou 109, Athens, Greece, +30 210 323 9759


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Avli (The Backyard)

One of Athens’ best secret, this little tavern is mostly known to locals. Behind a blue door, you enter a narrow corridor leading you into a small backyard. Don’t expect to find the typical tourist-friendly menu. Avli serves traditional food and takes you back straight to old Greece.

Avli, Agiou Dimitriou 10, Athens, Greece, +30 210 321 7642

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Falafel House

Falafel House is a vegetarian-friendly street food joint located on the busy Athinas street. It serves falafel wraps as well as dishes and open falafel platters. The hummus and tzatziki sauces are to die for. Order to eat in or to take out, either way, you are surely going to enjoy it. Simple, delicious and fast.

Falafel House, Athina 23, Athens, Greece, +30 210 323 4183

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Cinque Wine & Deli Bar

OK, you’re right, Cinque is more like a wine bar than a full-fledged restaurant, but this charming place deserves a spot on the list. First, the owners, a charming couple, serve exquisite Greek wines, and even offer wine tasting sessions. Second, the food menu, though limited, is packed on delicacies: oysters on Fridays and Saturdays, panini and bruschetta, charcuterie and cheese plates served with their homemade chutneys, but also smoked steak or a tasty ‘bur-greek’ (yay, a burger with a slice of smoked pork, lettuce, tomato and kefalotiri cheese). Basically, you are in for a treat.

Cinque Wine & Deli Bar, Agatharchou 15, Athens, Greece, +30 215 501 7853

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Lithos Taverna

Lithos Taverna is housed in a recently renovated building, which used to house a tavern until 1982. This charming establishment has maintained most of the structural and architectural elements. Dishes worth mentioning include the vegetable risotto, the delicious lamb chops or the spaghetti with shrimps. If you are looking for a comfortable restaurant that serves Greek ‘soul food,’ you know where to go.

Lithos, Esopou 17, Athens, Greece, +30 210 324 7797