The Best Things to See & Do in Lesbos

Get a flavour of Lesbos with a visit to Molyvos or Mithymna
Get a flavour of Lesbos with a visit to Molyvos or Mithymna | © NAPA / Alamy
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30 September 2021

It’s there, somewhere, in the Northern Aegean: an island laden with mythology, culture and natural wonders. Lesbos – also spelt Lesvos and sometimes called Mytilene – blows people away when finally they get here. The islanders are famous for their warmth and hospitality – more often than not, they’ll derail your plans for the day – delightfully – in their enthusiasm to show you Mytilene. Here are the best things to see and do in Lesbos. Try them all.

Wander the street of Molyvos

Architectural Landmark
Tourists in Molyvos Lesbos Greece
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Time-honoured cobblestone streets lined with shops, cafes and art galleries make Molyvos a don’t-miss part of your holiday. It’s the most-visited city in Lesbos for a good reason. Beyond the natural beauty, it’s a stronghold of enquiring minds, creative residents and discerning travellers. Every ouzeri and cafe seems to be an epicentre of great philosophical debate. Ascend to the Castle of Mythimna for a history lesson of your own so you can join the discussions.

Relax in the thermal springs

Natural Feature

Legend holds the hot springs of Lesbos were a gift from Hephaestus, the god of fire. There are five notable sources across the island, welling up from deep within the earth, the water temperature reaching a scalding 40C (104F). Rich in minerals, it is said to heal ailments as diverse as rheumatoid arthritis, cirrhosis of the liver and joint pain, among many complaints. For the ultimate relaxation and healing, head to the baths in Polychnitou or Thermi.

Visit the Petrified Forest

Natural Feature
petrified forest, lesbos island, north west aegean, greece, europe
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One of the most unique places you can visit in all of Greece is the petrified forest of western Lesbos. The fossilised trees are more than 20 million years old and provide insight into what the vegetation, flora and fauna would have been like in prehistoric times. Volcanic activity all those aeons ago stopped this forest where it grew, under a layer of lava. There are more than 40 identifiable species in this protected area. To contemplate them is simply remarkable.

Eat at the Women’s Cooperative of Petra

Restaurant, Seafood, Greek, Mediterranean, Vegetarian
In 1983, the Greek government set up a host of gender-equality initiatives – including a legal requirement for women to keep their birth names after marriage and the founding of cooperatives to generate opportunities for financial independence. The Women’s Cooperative of Petra is one of the most popular restaurants on the island. Book a table on the balcony to bask in the sea breeze while you dine on authentic, lovingly made Greek food.

Learn about ouzo at the Plomari Factory

Architectural Landmark
Panorama view of the picturesque port with traditional wooden fishing boats and the village of Plomari, Greece
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The world’s most famous ouzo brand comes from Plomari in Lesbos – you can smell the fine aromatic ingredients before you even set foot inside. The distillery has been making the anise-flavoured favourite since 1894, and the formula remains a closely guarded secret. Come and join the great tour, which engages all your senses while revealing the history behind Greece’s most famous tipple. Of course, the tour ends with tots of this mighty drink. Opa!

Petra Beach

Natural Feature

One of Lesbos’s larger strands, Petra Beach, has all the facilities you need for a day by the sea. The parasols are owned by the relevant cafes and restaurants and are yours to use free of charge when you buy something to eat and drink. The water is sparklingly clean, and the sand is easy on the soles, composed of tiny, grainy pebbles. This is the perfect place to come and relax, staying to catch the sunset and sip a dusk cocktail composed of locally made Plomari ouzo.

Travel through time at the Castle of Mytilene

Historical Landmark
Closeup of the stone-built walls of Mytilene medieval castle. Lesvos island, Greece
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This architectural masterpiece evolved over centuries. The Byzantine castle you see today may have been built on an ancient acropolis. Parts of it were likely destroyed during the Roman era, while the lower sections were modified during the period of Ottoman occupation – and now house a Turkish bath. The whole thing is pretty big and takes time to see in full. But there are incredible, hypnotic views of the blue Aegean Sea below to drink in while you explore.

Tour the Olive Wood House


For decades the Prodromou family has been making fine handcrafted products out of olive wood in the small village of Pamfila, just beyond Mytilene. They’ll jump at the chance to show you the workshop, where everything is made. There’s something for everyone in the showroom, from olive-wood jewellery to cooking utensils to children’s toys. All products are honed from Lesbos timber, and if you’re after a gift or a souvenir, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Chill at the Temple of Aphrodite

Historical Landmark, Architectural Landmark

Welcome to one of the oldest archaeological sites on Lesbos, well worth pulling over for as it’s easy to find while driving between Molyvos and Mytilene. Little remains of what was once a place of worship for the goddess of beauty and love, Aphrodite, yet the grounds are peaceful. Seize the opportunity to switch off and meditate for an hour or two – perhaps on the fascinating myths about the deity, which (top tip) we recommend you read up on beforehand.

Get down deep with some scuba diving

Sports Center

Take the plunge and explore the Aegean from a different perspective. Black Rock Dive Centre, the most trusted in Lesbos, prides itself on its well-deserved reputation for professionalism and safety. All levels catered for – to get you comfortable in your gear, practice takes place in a large pool. Once you’re ready to get in, it’s all aboard for the boat hop out to some pretty fantastic dive spots. You might glimpse silvery sea bream, shards of ancient pottery, even a shipwreck.

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This is an updated rewrite of an article by Chrisa Theodoraki.

These recommendations were updated on September 30, 2021 to keep your travel plans fresh.

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