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The Top 10 Restaurants In Lesbos, Greece

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Updated: 9 February 2017
Lesbos is one of the most picturesque and traditional Greek islands, with unique romantic character and heart-warming hospitality. Here you can find delicious home-grown Greek cuisine, made with the freshest local products, and enjoy traditional dishes such as fried pumpkin flowers with feta cheese, staffed lamb and the famous fresh marinated anchovies. From quaint little tavernas to artsy meze joints and creative modern restaurants, we present you the best dining establishments that Lesbos has to offer.
stuffed courgette flowers © Ewan Munro/Flickr
stuffed courgette flowers | © Ewan Munro/Flickr
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Vafios Taverna

Serving authentic Greek cuisine made with “endless love for traditional family recipes”, Vafios Taverna has been one of the old time favorites in Lesbos for almost 30 years. Located only four kilometers away from the village of Molyvos, Vafios takes traditional cuisine seriously and uses organic fresh vegetables that grow at the nearby local farms. Here you can taste signature local dishes like gkiouzlemedes (traditional cheese pies), stuffed zucchini flowers and sougania (stuffed onions).The restaurant’s courtyard offers gorgeous romantic views and a perfect spot to watch the island’s dramatic sunsets.

Vafeios | Mythimna, Molyvos , Greece

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The Women’s Cooperative

Located in the traditional village of Petra, the Women’s Cooperative is a popular spot to enjoy home-made Greek food. Founded in 1983 with the help of the Ministry of Sexual Equality, it was the first women’s cooperative initiative in Greece with the purpose of enabling local women to earn a living and become more independent. Today the Women’s Cooperative is one of the best restaurants in Lesbos, serving wholesome Greek cuisine like lamb cooked in wine sauce, stuffed aubergines or fresh fish on a beautiful balcony with views on the bay of Petra.

Main Square Petra | Petra Lesbos, Petra 81109, Greece

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The Octapus

In the seafront of the dreamy little harbor in Molyvos, The Octapus is a fish taverna serving the freshest catches of the day. Housed in an old traditional stone building at the corner of the harbor, it is the most picturesque spot to enjoy some ouzo with delicious grilled octopus. Even though octopus is clearly a menu favorite (either grilled or in red wine sauce), other dishes such as sardines, fresh calamari, mussels and sword fish are equally scrumptious.

Molyvos Harbour | Lesvos Island, Molyvos, Greece

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In the gorgeous Skala Eresou, Soulatso is known for excellent local cuisine and a superb waterfront location which is the perfect spot at which to catch one of Skala’s magical sunsets. This is the best place to enjoy fresh chargrilled fish, calamari and lobster at a great value, but also signature local dishes like fried pumpkin flowers with feta cheese and salted sardines. A variety of super fresh salads and a great choice of imaginative vegetarian dishes have made Soulatso a hot spot for vegetarians too.

Skala Eresou

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Antonis Ouzeri

Popular among the Greeks, Antonis Ouzeri is a famous ouzo restaurant that is considerably less touristy than others in the area. This simple and unpretentious Ouzeri serves superb traditional greek cuisine to be enjoyed with Lesbos’ favourite drink, ouzo. Don’t miss out on the kopsidia (chargrilled pork cuts), the famous meat or cheese balls and the local sausage. Located on the hillside in Mytilene, Antonis Ouzeri also has spectacular views overlooking the town.

Taxiarhes Kagiani, Mytilene, Greece

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Cavo d’Oro

Located in the small village of Sigri, Cavo d’Oro is one of the best restaurants in Lesbos, serving creative Mediterranean cuisine. Its famous lobster spaghetti (which includes a whole fresh lobster), the delicious rich and smooth fish soups, and the fresh green salads with dried tomato, shaved cheese and balsamic vinegar, are a few of its superb gourmet dishes. Choosing from a mouth-watering array of homemade desserts is the perfect way to end a meal at Cavo d’Oro.

Sigri Harbor, Greece

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With its quaint old “Kafenio-Ouzeri”(old-style Greek coffee and Ouzo joint) ambiance, this traditional restaurant dates back from Ottoman times and it is the oldest on the island. If you want to see character while enjoying some ouzo (Lesbos is famous for producing it) and meze, this is the right place. Historic Ermis offers over 15 different types of ouzo to combine with local delicacies such as sausages, octopus in red sauce, or soutzoukakia (a Greek version of garlic meat balls).

Mytilene, Lesbos

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Located in a small and quiet alley in Mytilene, Kalderimi is a traditional Greek locale serving solid local food at good value. The menu includes dishes like ntolmades, zucchini flowers stuffed with rice, a variety of fried or grilled delicacies and of course the all important octopus and local ouzo. This traditional establishment is a great place to get a glimpse of local life.

Thasoy 2, Mytilene,Lesbos

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OE Eatery

Owned and run by a Danish couple in beautiful Petra, OE Eatery is Lesbos’ little gastronomic gem. OE Eatery serves top-notch Mediterranean-inspired, gourmet cuisine, as well as an excellent choices of wines and cocktails. This stylish seafront restaurant has a luxurious vibe and a vintage character that could easily make a success in any big European city. A bit more expensive than the average but worth every penny.

Petra, Lesbos

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This stylish meze restaurant is a trendier version of the traditional greek Ouzeri, and serves slightly more imaginative versions of traditional dishes. Located in an old stone house in the port town of Mytilene with tables set on a quaint cobblestone alley, it is a romantic spot to enjoy a summer night out in Mytilene. This is a Greek meze (tapas) restaurant serving small portions and ouzo to be shared with good company.

Palaion Patron Germanou 7, Ladadika, Mytilene, Greece