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The Top 10 Bars In Plaka, Athens
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The Top 10 Bars In Plaka, Athens

Picture of Maria Menegaki
Updated: 9 February 2017
Also known as The Neighborhood of the Gods, this old historical district of Athens in the shadow of the Acropolis seems like a village within the city. Plaka boasts well-maintained neoclassical architecture and great nightlife options right in the city center. Here’s our guide to some of the best bars in Plaka.
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With a name meaning “chalk” in Greek, this cozy art spot is perfect both for an early morning snack with a coffee and a drink at night. Not only is Kimolia filled with amazing paintings and colorful, vintage furniture but it also hosts numerous exciting performances and exhibitions ranging from photography to jewelry all year long. Enjoy your cocktail accompanied by some tasty free appetizers and don’t miss the chance to write something on the blackboard.

Address & telephone number: Iperidou 5, Athens, +30 21 1184 8446

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The scent of jasmine will lead you through this nostalgic gate to the past. Thanks to Yiasemi, you can enjoy your cold beer or tsipouro in one of the small lovely tables along with panoramic views of a typical narrow street for an unforgettable night.

Address & telephone number: 25 Mnisikleous, Athens, +30 2130417937

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Located between Syntagma square and Plaka, this elegant bar serves an extensive list of Greek wines. Renowned for its friendly warm atmosphere, Sideways is the ideal place to relax after an exhausting day. Choose your preferred glass of wine and complement it with a large platter of top-notch cold cuts.

Address & telephone number: Iperidou 1, Athens, +30 21 0324 9100

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Klepsidra is where you can taste some excellent drinks and filling snacks in a romantic ambiance thanks to the lovely candle-lit tables.

Address & telephone number: Thrasivoulou 9, Athens, +30 2103212493

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Brettos Bar

Both a delightful bar and a distillery, this venue has a history that spans over a century. At Brettos colorful bottles of liquor line the stunning walls, there are old barrels of outstanding brandy and ouzo and soft music comes from a small radio.

Address & telephone number: Kydathinaion 41, Athens, +30 2103232110

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Thea Terrace Bar

Crowning Plaka’s Central Hotel, an all day snack bar offers breathtaking views to Acropolis and over the city of Athens. Choose a table at the edge of the rooftop, order a cocktail and let Thea take your breath away.

Address & telephone number: Apollonos 13, Athens, +30 210 3234357

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Melina Cafe

Devoted to the memory of the iconic actress Melina Mercouri, this inspiring place used to be a popular bakery. Melina has now evolved into a cafe-bar that aims to keep the spirit of the Old Athens alive. Pay special attention to the memorabilia and photographs inside and top off your day with a tasty snack and drink.

Address & telephone number: Lysiou Street 22, Athens, +30.210.3246501

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Perfectly located between Plaka and Monastiraki and close to all of the ancient highlights, this cafe-bar is ideal both for casual dining during the day or late-night drinks.

Address & telephone number: Palaiologou Benizelou 4, Athens, +302103316330

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Boom Of The Sea

If you think you can’t find a tropical beach bar in Plaka, think again. Boom of the Sea will amaze you with its cheap exotic cocktails and a wide selection of excellent finger food options ranging from simple sandwiches to the unique version of Greek sushi.

Address & telephone number: Nikis 54, Athens, +3021 0325 4922

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There’s an impressive wine list which changes every week and a decent snack menu at Oinoscent. You’ll find a large variety of both local and worldwide wines, well chosen dishes, frequent wine tasting evenings and elegant gifts that will please every wine enthusiast.

Address & telephone number: 45-47 Voulis street, Athens, +30 21 0322 9374