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Drinks in a bar | © dolvita108/PixaBay
Drinks in a bar | © dolvita108/PixaBay
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The Top 10 Bars In Koukaki, Athens

Picture of Ethel Dilouambaka
Updated: 9 February 2017
Koukaki is definitely having a moment. This residential neighborhood has seen an explosion of cafés and restaurants within its borders in the past five years. An excellent neighborhood to wander around, it boasts plenty of bars where you can read, listen to some good tunes or have a drink with friends. Below is our guide to the top bars in Koukaki.
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Bel Ray

This former auto workshop turned all-day bar/restaurant is a thriving hub in Koukaki. With its remarkable cocktails, unique atmosphere and personality, and convenient location, Bel Ray has become a favorite address in Koukaki. Come here for coffee in the morning, snacks and beer in the afternoon or a drink with friends in the evening. You won’t regret it.

Bel Ray, Falirou 88, Athens, Greece, +30 2130326450

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BOBO Wine Bar

With an unapologetic love for wine, BOBO is one of the best wine bars in town. Not only does the Bohemian bourgeois bar have an extensive wine list, minimalist décor and relaxed vibe, and serve Greek wines, cocktails and spirits, but it also has a small finger food menu to pair with your drinks.

BOBO Wine Bar, Anastasiou Zinni 36, Athens, Greece, +30 21 0924 4244

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Another top all-day bar in Koukaki, Kinonó was created by Olga Maneta. The minimalist décor, bright space and wooden bar – made by the owner herself – inspires a good mood. Open all day, Kinonó is the perfect place to work, read a book or simply relax while having a coffee or a drink. The menu includes signature cocktails and light food options.

Kinonó, Falirou 48, Athens, Greece, +30 21 1 408 6826

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Something old, something cute, something thorough. This is what Lotte inspired. This tiny bistro-bar, with its bright and colorful décor, is open all day, serving delicious Italian coffee and light snacks. At night, however, even though the tea room vibe is hard to shake off, Lotte serves refreshing beers (like a good Stella Artois on tap) and other drinks.

Lotte, Tsami Karatasou 2, Athens, Greece, +30 21 1407 8639

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Drupes & Drips

This cute café bar, located across from the notorious Takis Bakery, is owned by Takis’ son, Artemis, who has an obvious love for things done well, food, and good wine. Artemis has managed to make Drupes & Drips a weekend staple for many Athenians. In the morning, you can enjoy fresh juices and coffees to go or to drink on the spot. Come afternoon, the menu switches up and includes Italian aperitivo staple Spritz Aperol, wine, and beer on tap. The bar also includes a wide selection of charcuterie, cheese from Greece and abroad and other little finger foods. Don’t be surprised to find customers chatting on the street; this is the Drupes & Drips effect.

Drupes & Drips, Zitrou 20, Athens, Greece

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Winepoint is another wine bar worth mentioning. Located five minutes from the Acropolis Museum on a tiny side-street, it offers more than 270 Greek wines. Don’t despair if you are not a connoisseur; the qualified staff will guide you through the menu and will find the perfect bottle for you. If you’re feeling a bit famished, Winepoint also serves hot dishes as well as cheese and charcuterie plates. Like what you drink? Buy a bottle as a gift – or simply for yourself. We don’t judge.

Winepoint, Porinou 2, Athens, Greece, +30 21 0922 7050

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Babas Au Rum

Meaning ‘the father’, Baba Au Rum was created by a father for his son, and to make sure his son would remember him, Kostas Marangos chose the unique name. The place feels warm and homey, inviting you to spend the day sipping iced coffee or beer, enjoying some meze or the house burger, and chit-chatting with your friends.

Baba Au Rum, Falirou 53, Athens, Greece, +30 21 5550 5565

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Monsieur Barbu

Very near O Babas, you will find Monsieur Barbu. Widely known across town for its delicious brunch in collaboration with food blogger extraordinaire Pasta Flora, Monsieur Barbu has everything a cool joint needs: a killer burger, tasty appetizers, top-notch cocktails and a relaxed vibe. You can easily spend an entire day working here or stop by for an after-work drink with colleagues.

Monsieur Barbu, Falirou 59, Athens, Greece, +30 21 0924 7555


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Tiki Bar

As one of the veteran bars in Athens, Tiki Bar hardly needs an introduction. This laid-back, tropical bar has one of the best cocktail menus in town and often hosts live gigs. If you need more convincing, try their burger; it will make you beg for more.

Tiki Bar, Falirou 15, Athens, Greece, +30 21 0923 6908

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Located on a quiet street next to Winepoint and near the Acropolis Museum, Hitchcocktales is a charming cocktail bar and restaurant with an interesting vibe. Varied and worth a look, the menu features risotto, pasta, salads and club sandwiches, while the cocktails are – you guessed it – inspired by Alfred Hitchcock movies. This is a great address to remember for a night of delight and laughter.

Hitchcocktales, Porinou 10, Athens, Greece, +30 21 0921 0023

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