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Cocktail and sunset © Sarah Larkin/Pixabay
Cocktail and sunset © Sarah Larkin/Pixabay
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The Top 10 Bars In Glyfada, Athens

Picture of Ethel Dilouambaka
Updated: 9 February 2017
Glyfada, the seaside district in southern Athens, nicknamed ‘LA‘ by its locals because of its palm trees and miniature boardwalk, might sometimes get a bad rep for being the place where the local showoffs abound. While this statement is partially true, Glyfada is also a place where you can find great bars and people ready to party. We list the 10 hot spots here.
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Balux Café – The House Project

There are days when you just don’t want to leave your sofa. For those days, head to all-day bar Balux Café- The House Project. With its unique concept of a spacious beach house, it’s the ideal spot if you’re looking for a quiet place to read a book. Head to the library room, or have a coffee in the living room area.

Balux Café – The House Project, Poseidonos Avenue 58, Glyfada, Athens, Greece +30 210 894 0566

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Treat yourself to a unique experiment. At MoMix, you get to explore and taste cocktails and drinks in solid form, as well as many other alternative ways. With innovative and creative cocktails, this colorful bar has made a name for itself in the bar scene of Athens and now counts three other establishments in the country. With new creations every week, you’ll get to discover the expertise of the crafty bartenders. Get ready for a night you will remember for a long time.

MoMix, Poseidonos 81 & Dousmani 3, Glyfada, Athens, Greece +30 697 43 50 179

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Holy Spirit Cocktail Bar

Don’t expect to find anything mystical or religious here, but rather Holy Spirit is a place that follows a simple yet effective recipe. Decent mainstream music and excellent cocktails. So much so, that if we could survive on Holy Spirit drinks alone, our lives would be perfect. Do not miss a chance to visit this sacred place!

Holy Spirit Cocktail Bar, Laodikis 42, Glyfada, Athens, Greece +30 210 898 2650

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At Vinarte one thing is certain, you do not have to be a wine lover to enjoy their wine list. For those of us who love the fermented grape juice, know that this classy bar has a diverse selection. Vinarte also serves tasty pizzas which are to die for. Complete this with a cool, laid-back vibe and a jazz playlist and you get the idea. Bonus: sit at the communal table and take the opportunity to chat with your neighbors who will soon be your friends.

Vinarte, Maragkou 18, Glyfada, Athens, Greece +30 210 894 1511

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This café bar is a good coffee joint but things get serious at night. With a diverse and extensive lineup and regular DJ sets, Mosaiko is an ideal bar if you are looking for an easy night out with your buddies.

Mosaiko, Laodikis 30, Glyfada, Athens, Greece +30 210 898 3208

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This all-day bar is the ideal spot for an afternoon coffee or after-work-drinks that turn into a night out. After midnight, Opus puts on its nightclub mask, with DJ sets and sometimes live performances. With its impressive drinks and beverage menu, you are sure to have a pleasant evening.

Opus, Pandoras 9, Glyfada, Athens, Greece +30 210 898 0050

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Su Casa

Brilliantly combining the old with the new in this neoclassical mansion, Su Casa is another sough-after all-day bar and restaurant. The menu includes breakfast, lunch and dinner options with exquisite desserts. However don’t think that nightlife is not one of Su Casa’s talents. As the night settles in, the easy-listening music switches to more dynamic notes, which will make you want to stay and dance there until morning.

Su Casa, Nymfon square, Glyfada, Athens, Greece +30 210 898 5554

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Ark, a hotspot on the Athens Riviera, is a great place for drinks. Combining a restaurant and a separate bar, Ark has a relaxed vibe with stunning views over the sea. To quench your thirst, the bar has a great selection of cocktails, wine, beers and spirits. Cocktails are prepared with a Greek twist, such as the exquisite Mai Tai with orgeat syrup, the complimentary sunset in the background.

Ark, Grigoriou Lambraki 2, Glyfada, Athens, Greece +30 210 894 8882

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A small place a bit off the beaten track of the busy Glyfada center, Mikro is a nightclub packed with glam and a diverse DJ lineup. This popular spot is always busy, so get ready to elbow your way to the bar, but trust us, it is definitely worth it.

Mikro, Kiprou 13, Glyfada, Athens, Greece +30 210 894 1031

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We suspect the bar owner had a clear idea in mind: Make people feel joy. And he is quite successful in this endeavor. Located near Opus, in the quieter corner of Glyfada, Joy is the kind of place not trying to combine too many labels but instead excels at just being a funky, cool bar.

Joy, Leoforos Dimarchou Aggelou Metaxa 48, Glyfada, Athens, Greece +30 210 898 0030

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