The Must-Visit Travel Destinations On Greece’s Mainland

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9 February 2017

When planning a trip to Greece, most travelers focus on its mythical islands that are home to some of the most stunning beaches and awe-inspiring scenery. The Greek Islands are so beautiful that they are said to have been the preferred vacation spot of the mighty Zeus himself. However, when visiting Greece, it would be a grave mistake to overlook the less talked about yet equally exotic places hidden on the mainland.

Pelion | © Kasos/Flickrcommons


Located in the southeastern part of Thessaly in the center of Greece, this mountain is considered the most beautiful in Greece and is known as the home of the centaurs in ancient Greek mythology. The mountain is also an adventurer’s paradise. The heavily forested mountain shields hikers from the sun as they explore the various trails and stone paths leading to the mountain’s various springs, coves, and sandy beaches. In the cooler months, travelers can play in the snow at the peak of the mountain and swim in the waters of the Aegean Sea in the same day. While hiking, keep a look out for the remains of ancient villages and enjoy the refreshing plums that grow naturally on the mountain.

Pelion, Zagora, Greece

by Alina Matsa
© Alina Matsa

Panta Vrexi

Just a three-hour drive from Athens, this canyon is the perfect trip for hikers and nature lovers with a passion for exploring unique environments. You can wade through the shallow waters of the canyon while enjoying the stunning rock formations, waterfalls, and unique plant life along the way. As the water levels rise in the winter months, visitors opt to raft through the canyon, which connects to the greater Krikelliotis River. While the trek through the canyon is relatively short, you can continue exploring the endless forests and rock formations that surround the canyon.

Voidokilia Beach | © Costanavarino/Flickrcommons

Voidokilia Beach

Often considered the ‘most beautiful beach in the Mediterranean’, Voidokilia is a must-visit destination with plenty to see and do. Due to its relatively remote location, most visitors pitch a tent and camp out on the beach while soaking up the sun, scenery, and warm waters of the Ionian Sea. For the adventurous spirits, common activities include parachuting, cliff diving, hang gliding, and surfing. The beach also borders the mystical Gialova Lagoon – an important stop for 74 endangered species of migratory birds who feed off of the aquatic habitat. Plan this trip in July or September to avoid large crowds.

Voidokilia, Paralia Voidokilias, Greece

Lousios River @nikos_tsimpoukakis/Flickr
Lousios River © Nikos_tsimpoukakis/Flickrcommons

Lousios River

It is said that Zeus himself bathed in this 15 km-long river that flows through the Lousios Gorge located in the southeast of mainland Greece. Unlike the tame shallow waters of Panta Vrexi, the waters of the Lousios are rough and treacherous, making it ideal for kayaking and whitewater rafting. For a unique hiking experience, climb down through the adjoining Neda River/Gorge to the waterfalls and through the grotto which opens up into the Ionian Sea.

Lousios River, Lousios, Greece

Kalo Nero Beach by Aiina Matsa
Kalo Nero Beach © Aiina Matsa

Kalo Nero

Situated on the the Gulf of Kyparissia, Kalo Nero (meaning ‘good water’) is an iconic Greek coastal village and home to the largest beach on the mainland. During the summer months, tourists from Greece and around Europe flock to the beach in their camper vans. The beachfront has various hotels, taverns, and restaurants rumored to have some of the best food in Greece. During the summer, the beach becomes home to over 100 loggerhead sea turtle nests. They hatch between July and October and it is truly a fascinating event to experience.

Kale Nero, Greece

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