The Monthly Athens Market That Champions Local Talent

One of the many stalls at the monthly Meet Market, Athens
One of the many stalls at the monthly Meet Market, Athens | © Meet Market
Photo of Ethel Dilouambaka
26 April 2018

If you love some good shopping, especially when it is combined with food tastings and DJ sets, then Culture Trip would like to introduce you to a monthly Athenian event called the Meet Market. This unique shopping experience, established in 2007, combines showcasing local craftsmanship and creativity together with some live DJ performances.

How it all started

Starting as a small Christmas market in 2007 in a now-closed bar, the infamous K44, in the vibrant district of Gazi, the Meet Market comes from humble beginnings, with only 20 vendors, including collectors, designers, and crafters. Thanks to the success of the event, the idea of a nomadic-type market presenting innovative products and concepts was born. Over time, the idea grew, and so did the Meet Market. It now settles in a new location every month, welcoming shoppers and allowing them to discover new products, meet vendors and exchange, test and implement new ideas in order to fuel innovation and creativity during the harsh economic turmoil that the Greek nation has been going through. More than just a shopping hub, the Meet Market wants to allow visitors to get away from the depressing routine and open their minds to new ideas and even party for a bit—even just for a few days.

Shoppers at the Meet Market | © Meet Market

A monthly nomadic gathering for all

As such, the Meet Market is a place where people come and shop and entertain themselves with live music and DJ sets. It’s also where they can try a homemade treat, drink, flirt, socialize and keep the kids busy or simply stroll along the stalls where vendors feature their crafts, be it handmade jewelry, clothing, crafts, and decorative items.

Meet Market at the Blender Gallery, Glyfada | © Meet Market

As music plays an important part in daily life, the Meet Market innovates with a non-stop DJ lineup during the event, with a selection of styles ranging from funk to hip-hop, EDM or jazz. Also taking place are side events, such as workshops and seminars on a series of diverse subjects, as well as live concerts, exhibitions, theaters, and even children activities, including games, arts and crafts, and puppet shows. Giveaways and raffles are also organized, where a lucky visitor can leave with a collection of items from every vendor.

But one of the reasons why the Meet Market has successfully passed the test of time is because it caters to everyone, from grandmothers to toddlers, youngsters, young mothers, metalheads, crafty thirty-somethings, and hippies. The market counts over 100 vendors that sell everything from handmade soaps, jewelry, sweets and treats, vintage clothes and second-hand furniture to vinyl, memorabilia, and even clothing.

Wooden lamps by 30G at the Meet Market | © Meet Market

The nomadic character of the market is certainly a plus, allowing it to keep things fresh and innovative. It also enables visitors to discover new locations or bars, since the market has taken place in venues such as Technopolis (Gazi), Bios, 6 D.O.G.S., The Blender Gallery in Glyfada, T.A.F., Kinono, Athinais Cultural Space and even Romantso. Therefore, if you enjoy shopping and discovering new things in a festive atmosphere, make sure to check out the market’s calendar on their website or their Facebook page to know where the next one will occur and make plans to attend this unique monthly celebration of local talent and craftsmanship. You don’t want to miss it.

Every edition, the Meet Market produces free pins to collect! Don’t forget yours on your next visit! (Available at the central cashier point, TAMEIO) | © Meet Market