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Maria Kriara, solo show, "The Pawnshop" | Courtesy of CAN Christina Androulidaki gallery
Maria Kriara, solo show, "The Pawnshop" | Courtesy of CAN Christina Androulidaki gallery

The Best Art Galleries in Athens to Check Out

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Updated: 23 April 2017
You’re in Athens and you’ve visited all the archaeological wonders and museums of the city—now what? Don’t despair! If you are looking for other gems to discover, here is our selection of the top art galleries you should visit while in Athens. It may not be beach weather yet, but we guarantee you will be delighted by what these art spaces have to offer.


CAN – Christina Androulidaki Gallery

With a B.A. in Art History from the Courtauld Institute in London and an M.Sc. in History, Theory, and Display from the University of Edinburgh, Christina Androulidaki is the founder of CAN gallery, a contemporary art gallery focused on contemporary art with the main objective of bringing up-and-coming local and international artists to the public. Running a program of monthly or bimonthly shows, CAN gallery is one of the most active art spaces in the city, which works in close collaboration with art institutions, artists, and curators to produce innovative and thought-provoking art shows.

CAN—Christina Androulidaki Gallery, 42 Anagnostopoulou, Athens, Greece +30 210 3390833

Courtesy of CAN Christina Androulidaki gallery

Courtesy of CAN Christina Androulidaki gallery

The Image Gallery

The fruit of a passionate love for illustration art of all types, The Image Gallery is located in a stunning building known as the Lykiardopoulo Mansion on Amalias Avenue and focuses on illustration art. Truly one of its kind in Athens, the gallery features a wide collection of photography, graphic art, pop art, original posters, as well as movie and music memorabilia.

The Image Gallery, 36 Amalias, Athens, Greece +30 210 3230534

Courtesy of The Image Gallery

Courtesy of The Image Gallery


Zoumboulakis Galleries

The Zoumboulakis Galleries is a series of art galleries owned by the Zoumboulakis family, each venue with its own specific purpose. The Galleries are comprised of the Kriezotou Gallery—which specializes in contemporary art, antiques, and design, and has a well-stocked shop of artworks, design objects, and furniture; the Kolonaki Gallery—a contemporary art gallery in Kolonaki, and the Pireos Gallery—a multipurpose cultural space where contemporary art is displayed among antiques. An established name in the art industry, the Zoumboulakis Galleries regularly host events and shows.

Zoumboulakis Galleries, Kriezotou 6, Athens, Greece +30 210 363 4454

The Breeder Gallery

Established in 2002 by George Vamvakidis and Stathis Panagoulis, The Breeder Gallery is in the up-and-coming Metaxourgeio neighborhood, in a former ice-cream factory. Boasting more than 1,640-square-feet exhibition space, the Breeder aims to represent local and international talent, and establish relationships with other art stakeholders from around the world through its participation in important art fairs and biennales, such as Documenta 14. The gallery’s program includes regular solo and group shows of interesting artists.

The Breeder Gallery, Iasonos 45, Athens, Greece +30 210 331 7527

Artist: Angelo Plessas | Courtesy of The Breeder Gallery

Artist: Angelo Plessas | Courtesy of The Breeder Gallery


a. antonopoulou art

Founded by Angeliki Antonopoulou in 2001, is a contemporary art gallery focused on promoting Greek contemporary art nationally and also internationally. Located in Psyrri, the gallery showcases contemporary and international art, and hosts a variety of exhibitions, including video art and photography., 20 Aristofanous, Psyrri, Athens, Greece +30 210 321 4994


Bernier/Eliades Gallery

Established in 1977 by Jean Bernier and Marina Eliades, the Bernier/Eliades Gallery relocated from its original space in Kolonaki to a beautiful Neoclassical mansion in Thisseio in 1999. The gallery has introduced many artistic genres to the public, including conceptual and land art, arte povera, and minimalism. Presenting international and local artists, the gallery opened an outpost in Brussels, Belgium, in 2016.

Bernier/Eliades Gallery, Eptachalkou 11, Athens, Greece +30 210 341 3936-7

Courtesy of Boris Kirpotin for Bernier/Eliades Gallery

Courtesy of Boris Kirpotin for Bernier/Eliades Gallery

AD Gallery

Located in the heart of Athens, AD Gallery was founded in 1986. With a vocation of showcasing contemporary art in all its forms—including photography, painting, or even video installation—the gallery presents innovative and avant-garde artists, whether Greek or foreign. With a diverse and varied exhibition program, the gallery organizes thought-provoking events which usually have a global or socio-political aspect.

AD Gallery, 3, Pallados, Athens, Greece +30 210 322 8785

Artist: Vasso Gavaisse | Courtesy of AD Gallery

Artist: Vasso Gavaisse | Courtesy of AD Gallery

Gagosian Gallery

With several galleries around the globe, Gagosian Gallery has an Athenian branch steps away from Syntagma square. The Athens gallery, which was designed by Michelle Ballard, represents and showcases modern and contemporary artists, both local and international.

Gagosian Gallery, Merlin 3, Athens, Greece +30 210 364 0215


Chili Art Gallery

Founded in 2010, the Chili Art Gallery is established in Thissio, steps away from the Melina Cultural Center, near party hub Gazi. A space where art lovers and the general public come together and discover contemporary art—including painting, sculpture, collage, photography, and even engraving—the gallery presents exhibitions and events on a monthly basis. Focusing on established Greek and foreign artists, Chili Art gallery also includes an art shop where the visitor can find souvenirs, drawings, jewelry, sculptures, and prints.

Chili Art Gallery, 13-15 Dimofontos, Athens, Greece +30 210-7292564 or +30 6936755599

Artist : Stavros Kotsirea | Courtesy of Chili Art Gallery

Artist : Stavros Kotsirea | Courtesy of Chili Art Gallery