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City of Naxos | © Sergio Alvarez/WikiCommons
City of Naxos | © Sergio Alvarez/WikiCommons

The Best Restaurants In Naxos, Greece

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Updated: 11 April 2017
Τhe island of Ariadne is the largest and most picturesque island of the Cyclades, located in the heart of the Aegean sea. According to ancient Greek mythology, the father of the Olympian gods, Zeus, was raised here. Visit Naxos in order to swim in the sea, bask in the sun on wonderful beaches, explore significant sights and try Greek cuisine. Here we present the best restaurants Naxos has to offer.


This friendly pizzeria was established in 2011 on Protodikeiou square, in the heart of Chora Naxos. Wooden tables, warm colors, local ingredients and sounds of Italian music are fundamental components of this Italian style pizzeria. Try the amazing prawn spaghetti if you pop in for a visit.

Address & telephone number: Pizzadelia, Chora Naxos, Greece, +30 2285022191

Scirocco Restaurant

Scirocco is a family business established in 1995 in Chora Naxos. The kitchen is run by mother Katerina and the service is in the trustworthy hands of her sons, Nikos and Michalis. Some of the best options here are the stuffed tomatoes, pork belly, giouvetsi and cattlefish cazzolla with fresh spinach.

Address & telephone number: Scirocco Restaurant, Naxos Town Court Square, Greece, +30 2285 025931


The traditional restaurant Geomilo presents dishes inspired by Mediterranean cuisine, in a wonderful location on Chora’s beach. Its friendly staff will give you advice on what to pick off the menu, and will serve you the amazing creations of Mrs. Georgia, the chef, which include the famous moussaka, as well as lamb kleftiko.

Nostimon Hellas Naxos

The name of this restaurant is inspired by a famous phrase in the poems of Homer, which means ‘sweet day of return’. Nostimon Hellas is a symbol of delicious Greek culinary tradition and serves authentic dishes, prepared with love, care, talent and fresh Greek ingredients. A must-visit restaurant in Chora Naxos, it offers the experience of an authentic and delightful culinary journey.

To Ariston

Το Ariston (‘excellent’ in Greek) is a traditional family business in the heart of Chora Naxos, which focuses on grilled meats. In this small yet warm restaurant you will enjoy grilled local meats of excellent quality, as well as other meals, salads and drinks.

Address & telephone number: To Ariston, Sokratous Papavasileiou street, Naxos, Greece, +30 2285 026002


Antamoma is located in Chora Naxos and is recommended for those who want to get familiarized with high quality Greek food. The restaurant focuses on Greek traditional recipes, created with pure olive oil, cheeses, and handmade pastries from Naxos. The handmade cheese pie is a must-try.

Address & telephone number: Antamoma, Andrianis street, Naxos, Greece, +30 2285 024324

O Giorgis

This authentic Greek taverna is located in the wide area known as Melanes, with a view of the lush mountain and Kournochori village. It serves traditional dishes, using local meats. Some of the restaurant’s specialties are the lamb stifado and the grilled rooster.

Address & telephone number: O Giorgis, Melanes, Naxos, Greece, +30 2285 062180