The Best Restaurants In Heraklion, Crete

The Best Restaurants In Heraklion, Crete
Heraklion is the largest city and port of Crete, known for its heroic resistance against the German invasion in 1941. The Archaeological Museum of Heraklion, Knossos and the Museum of Natural History are just some of the sights that will make you love this historic place. After visiting interesting museums and sights, gain a complete insight into the city’s culture and tradition by tasting local delicacies in some of the most special restaurants of Heraklion.
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7 Thalasses

7 Thalasses – which means ‘seven seas’ in Greek – provides one of the most interesting culinary experiences in the city of Heraklion with its wonderful and relaxing atmosphere. Here you will enjoy flavors of traditional Mediterranean cuisine, mostly composed of fish dishes, all cooked with care and fresh ingredients. Some of the most special dishes include the grilled fish, the shrimp saganaki, the calamari with pesto, the lobster, and the sushi.
Address & telephone number: 7 Thalasses, 1 Irakleitou Street, Hraklion, Greece, +30 281 034 2945

Alla Ki Alla

Alla Ki Alla is an alternative option to the modern nightlife of the island, and was established back in 1980. The Lambraki family owns this traditional place, offering nights with abundant classic cuisine and traditional live music. Freshly cooked, home-made food and a wide range of local meze perfectly accompanied by local wine or raki are the ingredients of the recipe for a delightful night out in Heraklion.

Opening hours: 8 am-5 pm
Address & telephone number: Alla Ki Alla, 16 Kagiampi Street, Hraklion, Greece, +30 281 024 0004

Pantopoleio Geuseon

Restaurant, Mediterranean
Morosini fountain, Heraklion
Morosini fountain, Heraklion | © C messier/WikiCommons
The friendly staff, the excellent service and the pleasant decoration here create a wonderful atmosphere in which to enjoy delicious local food. Try the sausage, the halloumi cheese, the courgette balls, the dakosand the chicken souvlaki, all of which come in generous portions. Don’t miss the restaurant’s special; the delicious pork marinated in honey sauce. Live traditional music adds to the warm and authentic ambiance of Pantopoleio.
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Peri Orekseos

Restaurant, Greek
Peri Orekseos serves meze varieties and dishes of Cretan and Greek cuisine with care and dedication, in a warm venue built out of stone and wood. The chef respects the tradition of Greek cuisine and adds a gourmet twist to classic ingredients and dishes. You should definitely try the chicken burgers stuffed with cheese and dried tomato, as well as the cabbage rolls with groats, which are the restaurant’s specialties.
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Baltas is a recently renovated modern mezedopoleio. It offers unique nightly entertainment with live Cretan music and is a culinary highlight of Greek and Cretan cuisine. Dishes served here include potato salad with cheeses, shrimps in tomato sauce with feta cheese, grilled eggplant, fried lamb, meat pie and courgette balls stuffed with smoked cheese.
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Restaurant, Greek, Steakhouse, $$$
This restaurant is a simple place with interesting flavors located in a small square just a stone’s throw away from the sea. Nikos Kourinos, chef and owner of Kouzineri, creates delicious multicultural dishes, like paella, grilled lamb, churrasco and black Angus steak. Kouzineri’s chocolate souffle is the perfect finale to your meal.
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Restaurant, Greek, $$$
According to the local dialect, ‘parasties‘ is the word for the traditional Cretan cooking style. This is the culinary philosophy of the restaurant, which aims to combine classic flavors to satisfy even the most demanding palate. Some of the best dishes are the Parasties Salad, the grilled mushrooms and the traditional pie. In line with Cretan hospitality, at the end of your meal yοu will receive a treat consisting of exceptional raki, fruits and dessert.
Watch out for: the grilled mushrooms & traditional pie
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