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The 10 Best Hotels In Kefalonia, Greece

The 10 Best Hotels In Kefalonia, Greece

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Updated: 9 February 2017
Kefalonia is a gem of the Cyclades, offering beautiful views, iconic towns, and a touch of the mythological aura of Greece. But an adventure to this island is not complete without a stable and welcoming stay in one of the many hotels on the line-up. Here, we take a look at some of the best hotels to book.

Melidron Hotel

Along the beautiful beach of Skala, travelers will discover the Greek hospitality that is a key component of Melidron Hotel. In Greek, “meli” means honey and “dron” refers to water, which suitably implies the ambrosial quality of the service here. Everyday, visitors awake to a bountiful and delicious breakfast, and once a week, the hotel offers a true experience of the island with “Greek night”, when travelers can enjoy live music and an expansive buffet of regional cuisine.

Melidron Hotel, Skala beach, Skala, Greece, +30 2671 083306

Aeolos Hotel

Amidst lush and lavish gardens, this hotel allows visitors to really settle into the beautiful surroundings of Kefalonia’s favorite village. Aeolos Beach Hotel takes its name from the god of the wind, Aeolos, who gives Odysseus in Homer’s Odyssey a bag of winds to help ferry his ship safely home to Ithaca. While the hotel itself is not full of winds like Aeolos’ cave, it does have a great view and offers its guests a delightful setting to relax in after a day of sightseeing on the island or in the nearby village of Skala.

Aeolos Hotel, Skala Beach, Skala, Kefalonia, Greece

Odyssey Hotel

Take a journey and check out the heavenly oasis of Odyssey Hotel. The hotel offers a stunning view of the island and a quick walk down to the beach. Explore the streets of Agia Efimia before coming back to the hotel for delicious food, or perhaps a few hours at the spa. This is a destination for relaxation as well as exploring the flavors of the Mediterranean. Every moment at Odyssey Hotel will take visitors into the mythological realm of Greece and leave them with the memories of a truly romantic experience.

Odyssey Hotel, Aghia Efimia, Kefalonia, Greece, +30 2674 061089

Greka Ionian Suites & Villa

Captivating views of the island and vibrant sunsets await guests at Greka Ionian Suites, located in Agia Efimia. The hotel is intent on providing travelers with a welcoming and friendly service that recalls the rich tradition of Greek hospitality. Perhaps the great views make this hotel a classic place to stay while on the island, or it’s the kind and familial treatment received from the owner – who knows?

Greka Ionian Suites & Villa, Sami Beach Road, Agia Efimia, Kefalonia, Greece, +30 693 733 6459

Anassa Hotel

Beach lovers can rejoice because this high-quality hotel stands just minutes away from the crystal blue waters of Kefalonia’s coast. Anassa Hotel offers its guests not only a comfortable setting to relax and rest in while seeing the sights of the island, but also a pleasant home-away-from-home while on vacation. The welcoming atmosphere the staff create helps ease guests into a state of enjoyment and pleasure. Anassa Hotel also features a restaurant so that guests don’t have to travel far to find a good and delicious meal every time they’re hungry.

Anassa Hotel, Skala Beach, Skala, Kefalonia, Greece, +30 2671 083070


Museum Hotel George Molfetas

Museum Hotel George Molfetas focuses not only on bringing guests a memorable good time, but also on creating an indestructible link to the culture and history of traveling. The hotel came into existence from the owner’s dreams and desires to share a passion for traveling the world with others. Now, based on a deep knowledge and experience of international cooking and hospitality, this hotel has grown to be a bit of history in the present, residing in a building built in 1895 and remodeled to meet the purposes of today.

Museum Hotel George Molfetas, Main Street, Faraklata, Greece, +30 2671 084007

Enalion Suites

Encounter the combination of the neoclassical architecture of Greece and the island architecture of Kefalonia at Enalion Suites, located in Lassi. This beautiful and spacious hotel overlooks the Paliostafida Bay and works to preserve and augment the island’s natural beauty in its landscaping, which includes an olive grove and pine tree forest. Guests at Enalion will not fail to learn about Greek mythology, since every building of the hotel is named after one of the Greek gods and goddesses of the sea.

Enalion Suites, Lassi, Kefalonia, Greece, +30 2671 027781

Magnolia Resort

The family-owned Magnolia Resort is truly an escape into the wonders of Kefalonia. The hotel is located in the southern inlet of Katelios, offering an awe-inspiring view of the sea. Because the location is a little more remote, it is a bit of a journey to nearby Skala. However, the remoteness of the hotel does not subtract from the fantastic hospitality the experienced Stroutzas family brings to the scene. Visitors can expect fresh fruit daily and great food at every moment, as well as a pleasant pool to relax and sunbathe by.

Magnolia Resort, Katelios, Kefalonia, Greece, +30 2671 081391

Regina Dell Acqua Hotel

Regina Dell Acqua firmly believes in honoring its guests to the greatest capacity, meaning this beautiful and spacious resort located in Skala has some fabulous hospitality to offer. Dive into the beautiful pool or settle in for a meal at the restaurant. The hotel is built right on the beach and features traditional stone and marble architecture that is amazing to look at. Guests can dine right on site at the Amethyst Hippocampus Restaurant, where they will find a great selection of traditional and authentic Greek cuisine. With the gorgeous views of the Ionian Sea and lovely accommodations, it is no wonder that Regina Dell Acqua is a popular wedding destination too.

Regina Dell Acqua Hotel, Elios Proni, Kefalonia, Greece

Tesoro Blu

Take in the picturesque scenery and the grandeur of the beach from this adults-only hotel located on the southern side of the island. Tesoro Blu is a contemporary building nestled into a private valley to ensure the utmost relaxation and enjoyment of its guests. Although more modern in appearance, the building still recalls the traditional architecture of the island with the color white. At the same time, the two restaurants bring flavors of the local area to the table for visitors to sample. This is definitely a place to visit for a quality retreat away from the daily demands of life.

Tesoro Blu, Skala, Kefalonia, Greece, +30 2671 083056