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The 10 Best Cultural Hotels In Ios, Greece
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The 10 Best Cultural Hotels In Ios, Greece

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Updated: 9 February 2017
Greece is a land rich in history stretching back thousands of years. One stay in this place of myths and legends will open up another world, and where better to base your adventures than on the isle of Ios, where cultural hotels coalesce with heroic stories, crumbling ruins and traditional towns?
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Lofos Village Hotel

Cycladic architecture of stunning white and blue sets the scene for this classic hotel. Lofos Village has all the delightful modern accommodations guests could want, mixed with a sense of deep relaxation. The word “lofos” means hill, and consequently the hotel sits on top of a hill overlooking the iconic Ios village of Chora. While being removed from the busy streets of the town, Lofos is still within walking distance and is also conveniently close to the famous Mylopotas Beach. Relax by the pool with delicious cocktails and take in the beautiful sight of Chora as the sun sets – it’s an experience of Greece guests rarely forget!

Lofos Village Hotel, Ios, Greece, +30 2286 092481

Lostasi sign
Lostasi sign | © Chris Brooks/Flickr
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Lostasi Hotel

Check in to the friendly environment of Liostasi Hotel, a fantastic yet small luxury hotel located in Chora. Visitors have much to enjoy when staying at the contemporary accommodations of this Ios classic. Relax by indulging in soothing spa treatments while overlooking a striking view of the sea, or dive into the delightful flavors of traditional Greek food at the on-site restaurant, Grandma’s. Liostasi Hotel has countless services to help guests explore the wonders of the island, including complimentary rides to the port and access to helicopter services for viewing Ios in a new way.

Lostasi Hotel, Ios, Greece, +30 2286 092140

View of Mylopotas
View of Mylopotas | © Panayotis Vryonis/Flickr
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Levantes Hotel

From this small, boutique hotel stretch vast sights of the beautiful Mylopotas Beach in all its Grecian glory. Levantes Hotel literally hangs over the crystalline and blue waters of Ios, contrasting the bright white of its building with the vibrant colors of the sea. The hotel is built in the traditional island fashion, made from stones collected from the various mountains of Ios’ surrounding terrain. Enjoy everything from friendly service to a fantastic home-made breakfast, and if the views don’t leave guests breathless, the welcoming atmosphere of this island getaway will.

Levantes Hotel, Main Street, Milopotas, Ios, Greece, +30 2286 092588

Flowers in Chora
Flowers in Chora | © Kostas LimitsIos/Flickr
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Brothers Hotel

Featuring famous Greek hospitality in a comfortable and affordable setting, this hotel is a classic place to enjoy a holiday away on Ios. Brothers Hotel has a family-friendly atmosphere, providing numerous options for everyone to enjoy, including a swimming pool just for children. Rest outdoors on the veranda, or enjoy a delicious breakfast of fresh Greek food. The hotel also has a garden for guests to enjoy and explore, and free transit to the port is part of the service.

Brothers Hotel, Ios, Greece, +30 2286 091508

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Galini Pension

Feet away from Yialos Beach and featuring lush gardens, Galini Pension is the perfect hotel for a peaceful escape amidst the cultural spots of Ios. Get ready for a quality visit where the overall community of friendly staff will help visitors feel right at home. The hotel attracts with beautiful architecture, offering a classic setting with all the necessary services for a comfortable visit, including WiFi access and delightful views of the sea. What’s more, as some of the rooms here have kitchens, guests can make themselves right at home during their stay.

Yialos Beach, Iοs, Greece, +30 2286 091115

Gialos Port
Gialos Port | ©Chris Brooks/Flickr
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Yialos Beach Hotel

Become entranced by the quaint and welcoming community of Yialos Beach Hotel, where the traditional Cycladic architecture will inspire adventures as well as a good time. The hotel is right near the port and Yialos Beach; the nearby villages of Koumbara and St. John are also quite accessible. Guests can enjoy the beautiful surroundings and amazing views of the island, while also engaging in devouring the delicious food offered at breakfast, or hanging out at the pool cafe. Relax in the garden scenery of the hotel while sipping the wonderful cocktails of the bar – nice!

Yialos Beach Hotel, Ios, Greece, +30 2286 091421

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Francesco’s Hotel

Traditional and affordable are only a few ways to describe what visitors encounter when staying at this hotel located right in Chora. Francesco’s Hotel is one of the most recognized hostels of the island, and notably, the hotel is situated on the side of a cliff, granting an awesome view of the Aegean Sea as well as the promise of spectacular sunsets. Breakfast at this hotel is served until 2pm, allowing guests to enjoy a late brunch while taking in the beauty of the port and island below.

Francesco’s Hotel, Ios, Greece, +30 2286 091223

Mylopotas Beach at sunset
Mylopotas Beach at sunset | © Abir Anwar/Flickr
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Nissos Hotel

It’s just a quick walk to the beach from Nissos, which means this hotel is fantastic simply because of its convenient location. However, there are many more pleasing traits to be discovered about this family-owned option: Nissos is actually one of the more quiet spots on the beach, escaping the more vibrant party scene, making it a peaceful oasis to return to in the evenings. The small and welcoming hotel also offers a great breakfast, while guests receive discounts on nearby restaurants.

Nissos Hotel, Mylopotas, Ios, Greece, +30 2286 091610

BBQ in Greece
BBQ in Greece | © YiRan Ye/Flickr
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Island House Hotel

A welcoming environment awaits at this hotel, located close to Mylopotas Beach. Island House Hotel has much to offer wanderers who find themselves spending their stay within these classic walls and halls. The hotel brings all the flavors of Greece right to its guests with a delicious breakfast every day and a barbeque near the pool, where the hotel hosts tastings and other dining events that give guests an authentic experience of Ios cuisine. Island House has a variety of rental services too, so visitors can explore the island via car, motorcycle or ATV.

Island House Hotel, Mylopotas, Milopotas, Greece, +30 2286 091755

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Hotel Mediterraneo

Looking to get in touch with the convivial party scene on Ios? Then book a stay to Ios’ Hotel Mediterraneo, which not only offers the classic feel of a Greek vacation, but also resides right in the midst of Chora, where the party really happens! This hotel is vibrant and accommodating, with an area for hanging by the pool, a barbecue pit and rooms that are totally worth the price. After enjoying a few drinks around the pool, the walk to the closest bar is only a few minutes, so the party is able to start right on time

Hotel Mediterraneo, Ios, Greece, +30 2286 091521